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7 months ago


Earlier today was in the blockchain Africa group and we were discussing on so many issues. We talked on education in my country also and everyone has different opinions. I played around and said some stuff, I really didn't mean. So. Am writing to show my take on the topic of if education is a scam or not..

To be serious now.. Education is key and good. It makes you ready wen an opportunity shows up.. Getting your certificate sets you apart from the rest.

Even if person dey sell buns and the person dey make, if u start selling that same buns, you will sell more, u know why, you are intellectually enriched than some who didn't go to sch

Going to and learning to get certified will always pay.. You see more to life becos you are more exposed...

If I come back to life again, I will choose getting educated all Over again but I will learn a trade...

Education doesn't guarantee success but it makes you recognize one and bake you to be prepared for it..

In closing, do ur ssce, ND, HND, Bsc, MSc, MBA, Ican, CIBN, PhD and the rest cuz what's it yours, it's yours forever..

Education no be scam ooo. That's my own truth.


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