The all-new Honda Jazz for 2020 features a human-centered design

20 days ago

Honda made its world debut at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show in 2019, which opened up a new era for its ultra-small car products. The new model avoids Honda's "grand design" concept and adopts a more people-oriented design concept. By February 2020, it will first be sold in Japan's domestic market, and then it will be listed in other parts of the world one after another.
The design of the fourth generation of new Jazz does not sacrifice spacious cabin and excellent usability, which has always been the symbol of each generation of Jazz, and its development aims to become a globally recognized compact car standard suitable for the new era. Drive.
As a new concept in automobile development, the development team pursues the "emotional value" which can't be expressed by numbers, and embodies four aspects of comfort, so that this automobile can better support the daily life of customers. In addition, the brand-new Jazz will offer five different types (at least in Japan), so that customers can choose the model that suits them according to their lifestyle and life stage.
The hybrid version of the new Jazz will be Honda's first compact car equipped with Honda's 2-motor hybrid system. Honda aims to achieve excellent environmental performance and comfortable driving experience at the same time, and will be put on the market in the following forms. Honda e: part of e:HEV model.
The front pillar of the brand-new Jazz has a different cross-sectional structure from the previous generations of Jazz, and realizes a structure that enables collision energy to flow to the vehicle body during collision. Compared with the previous Jazz models, this newly designed front pillar not only ensures the collision safety performance, but also achieves overwhelming advantages and extraordinary positive vision.
In addition, the instrument panel adopts a flat-top design, emphasizing horizontal and straight lines, and the position of windshield wipers makes it almost invisible from inside the cabin, which also improves the driving comfort.
As for the front seats, the brand-new Jazz will be Honda's first Honda model with a new generation of human body stabilizing seats, which was developed by Honda when looking forward to the application of its premium sedan models. The plane support structure of the seat makes the car body stable, makes it difficult to get tired after driving for a long time, and enables users to enjoy the soft feeling of the seat.
The rear seat of the new Jazz continues to have the same general seating arrangement as that of the previous generation Jazz, and achieves the same seating comfort as that of a limousine by adopting a larger and thicker seat cushion, even for adult passengers.
Equipped with Honda's new and more compact 2-motor hybrid power system, the brand-new Jazz can be driven smoothly by the motor in almost all situations of daily driving, and achieve excellent environmental performance and excellent driving comfort brought by strong acceleration and comfortable driving.
The brand-new Jazz maintains the spacious cabin of previous generations of Jazz, and at the same time, it enhances usability and supports people's travel convenience, including the storage area arranged without pressure, which can ensure the comfort of all passengers during daily driving and long-distance travel.
Five brand-new jazz styles have unique personalities:
Basic-The basic type of the new Jazz can provide high-quality design and occupant comfort. This type will have a simple and pleasing design, including a front design with a soft appearance and a seamless and smooth exterior appearance.
HOME- By coordinating colors and materials, including natural fabric seats made of high-quality materials, steering wheels wrapped in leather and Prime Smooth soft, we strive to achieve relaxation and well-designed space filling with high visual and tactile quality.
NESS- This type has exciting color coordination and uses soft waterproof materials on the seat surface and dashboard. It is sporty and fashionable, which allows customers to enjoy driving as much as fitness and sports.
CROSSTAR- This type has a design specially developed for CROSSTAR and 16-inch aluminum wheels, which looks good in both urban and outdoor environments. As for the interior, waterproof materials are used for cushion on the seat surface and instrument panel. This type highlights the image of a compact but sturdy vehicle.
LUXE- strives to create a space where people can spend elegant and comfortable time. Standard leather seats are the unique function of this type, while pursuing excellent visual and tactile quality. Platinum-style chrome plating and 16-inch aluminum wheels are used on the outside to enhance the feeling of high quality.
For the sake of safety, a new forward-looking camera will be added to the entire Honda Sensing Advanced Safety and Driver Assistance System, which can cover a wide area in front of the vehicle. By combining the front wide-angle camera and eight sonar sensors installed on the front and rear of the vehicle, the new Jazz function further enhances the existing Honda Sensing function and the new short-distance damping and braking system. Honda Sensing can be used as a standard device on all types of new Jazz in Japan.

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