Introducing Bearshares, Similar to Steemit/Weku. Journey with the Sloth

last month


Bearshares quite similar to steem/weku which a lot of us are familiar with is a peer to peer sharing network which rewards its users for creating and finding original content. It runs on its own different blockchain - the Bears blockchain.

I joined two months ago with the same username synick and I'm fully active now. My experience within this period has built my faith and love for this platform. And I want you guys to experience it too.


Just like its counterparts, it is free to post and reward others and also has some similarities but there are also amazing differences that make it one of the most astounding when it comes to distribution and stability of its token. They include:

  • Power down of Bear Power lasts for two Years(104 weeks), whoa!! that's really long time, but it's great since, if all tokens were quickly converted to liquid, the coin value would depreciate and the system might not even have enough resources to pay out..

  • Payout windows for each post are two. The first in five days and the other in 30days.

  • No Upvote bots, and the community is currently and completely clean of fraudulent activities as there is verification of new users and enough Witnesses to keep the community stable.

images (9).png

Initially, I had a strong doubt about the success of this platform as there were many criticizing speculations, but you'll be damned. Bears is already listed on Bitshares Crypto Exchange and can currently be purchased with Bitcoin, Bitshares, and Etheruem. You can currently sell it on bitshares at the rate of 10-12cents per coin. Hyperbolically, I've been on Weku, almost half a year and it has yielded nothing yet even though many coins have been distributed among its users, but Bearshares lasted only two months and just look at its amazing growth
It's already in the market. This is more reason to head over there now and give it a try and create your very own account here ---> and fill this google form

For more information:

Read everything you need to know here

Read about Bears listing on Bitshares here

Check out on Cryptofresh the Bears/BTS exchange history here

Do not hesitate joining Bearshares. I wish you Good luck. Cheers!!

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Hadn’t given it much thought to be honest, so many new sites and I don’t even know how to trade or cash so I am just sharing and helping others that know how to make money by curating their work. I will check this site out now.


Try it out. There are many online guides and tutorials to help you on the market

Looks promising and the part about the two payout windows of five and thirty days is an interesting approach.

Curation support for whitelisted user - WE ARE WEKU 🧡

Curation support for whitelisted user - WE ARE WEKU 🧡

We Are Weku ! 🧡