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A product is created, which in turn is a problem. But you create something else to solve that problem, which in turn is another problem. And that's how this system works.

This is something that we can see, feel in different products that we use every day.
There is the possibility of creating batteries for phones that can last much longer, however it is not convenient, because in addition to the battery they offer a portable charger so you can recharge the battery, when you need it, and we think:

What a brilliant idea.

So that your phone's screen doesn't split so easily, they created the screen protector, a glass that you place on top of the screen to reinforce it. And we thought:

What a great idea.

I wonder: But why don't they make the batteries so that the charge lasts longer or a more resistant screen? Simple, because it offers a product, which already comes with implicit problems whose solution you already have, obviously, you must pay for it.

However, it is not in this context and for this reason that I want to go in this publication.

In this opportunity I want to emphasize everything related to the field of health, or better said, disease.

Welcome to my new publication.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I bring you, for starters, a very simple example:

It is handled in a fairly general way and I can say that globally, when there is any pain, no matter how slight, you can make use of some analgesic of the scientifically known as AINES ( Anti Inflammatory No ESteroid: Diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, among others).

Well, on average, half an hour after having taken the medicine of your choice works, the pain is relieved. And this is how many people fall into the frequent intake of these drugs.

However, it is necessary to know a little about the mechanism of action of the drug, as well as how pain occurs in our body, to better understand what I explain. In a simple way:

The pain occurs because, when there is injury of any kind in any part of the body, there is an enzyme (called cycloxigenase) that is responsible for producing prostaglandins, and it is the latter that when having contact with the nerves indicate that there is injury and is expressed as pain. The prostaglandins are subclassified in type 1 and type 2, the 1 is the one that participates in the pain, but the two, this covering the walls of the stomach and is in charge of its protection. That is to say, when we ingest these medicines in excess, the pain diminishes, yes, of course, but at the same time the stomach remains unprotected and gastritis, ulcer, and other stomach diseases are produced.

Do I make myself understood at this point?

But don't worry, I have the solution, gastric protector (omeprazole,. Pantoprazole, esomeprazole, etc.) to prevent you from getting gastritis. However, by ingesting these gastric protectors, we can add other problems, really these drugs what they do is decrease the production of acid in the stomach, which is necessary for the process of digestion, ie it is going to be affected, producing gases that will generate pain and ... you know the rest.

And if you wish, so as not to go deeper into the NSAIDs I recommend this Page so that you have an idea of what it does with the kidneys.

But don't worry, for this problem there is also a solution (/problem).

Do you want another problem, I mean, another example?

Let's see, another one, quite common too, let's continue:

Do you suffer from asthma?

Well, I recommend some steroid inhalers, can be beclometasona, well, improve asthma, but if I tell you that steroids cause increased glycemia, ie, raise blood sugar, do not worry about that either, I can indicate for high glycemia some hypoglycemic, for example Metformin.

It should be noted that steroids immunodepress, ie, your body's defenses decrease, be weaker then ... we have vitamins to strengthen it, and if you cause any infections we have an arsenal of antibiotics, antifungal, which in turn will have their respective effects each, but also the solution ...

For now, I leave it here, my intention is to emphasize that it is best to stay healthy, we have the tools to do so, in general, except for their exceptions. Obviously. Healthy eating, few excesses, avoiding alcohol, fats, getting enough sleep, among other things that we already know, is the best thing we can do to maintain health, and not just through medicines.

When we take care of our health, we not only take care of our body but also our pocket...

By this I don't mean that drugs are bad, that they are man's worst invention or anything like that. But, the abuse of the same ones starting from the facility to obtain the majority of them, can be very harmful for the organism.

Thanks to antibiotics, the number of people who survive diseases that were once synonymous with death is considerable, for example. However, one has to be very cautious with them.

For now, I say goodbye, until the next post.

Note: The entire contents of this publication are my own.

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