Ulog: Congrats to me - A Certified Ulogger.

5 months ago

Hi everyone,

I am Steven Moses founder of Blockchainchapel on Steemit, Whaleshares, Weku, easysocial and soon transit into a side chain then fully into our chain.

I simply like to write articles that promote gospel, good morals simply inspirational, motivational, and lifestyle. I love swimming, football and host of other sport casually. I am a fun loving guy and relish every opportunity to hangout.

I am a System Administrator by profession and currently working as an admin manager in Lagos, Nigeria.


Looking forward to writing more articles as a Ulogger family. I am quite excited about the vision as a Ulogger which SurpassingGoogle has been able to establish so far. Ranging from untalented, talented, teardrops and then Ulogging. A vision that will not only shape the future but also mine the human to the brim.

Thanks to Terry for the opportunity to be certified member of the Ulogger community.

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Welcome to the Ulogger community. It's a brilliant place to be in and will surely be better spiced up with your exceptional articles.