My Weku Experience So Far

2 years ago

I been on here for almost a week, and I thought I talk about my experience so far. sorta liking it so far. I see success for this site. Maybe I can fund equipment for my YouTube Channel and other things at this rate. Maybe I can be a part-time blogger soon. Maybe I'll be a step closer to being self-employed. We'll never know! Since these plans failed on Steemit, let's reload and try again. New users get 100 weku power if they use a referral link, that's pretty awesome. I still will post to Steemit, maybe they will get their act together. We'll see

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have you found the guy that takes pictures of his poop?

I really like memo.

You could use memo and Weku together like I've been using memo and Yours.

I prefer Yours because of the easier formatting with links, but, no one new can come in right now, so...

I'm here again because I was editing a steemit post, and then couldn't.

Can't even follow you on there. I felt dumb for not doing it before I started my editing.

What's your YouTube? Here's mine.


I tried yours, I need an invite code. Can't use memo because I don't know how to put Bitcoin on my account. Posted on Steemit asking for help, of course, it got ignored.


Yes, and no-one on Yours currently has an invite code. It's bonkers.


who creates a site and not add an invite code?