Where is the @smart money? What can @weku-team do if anything?

10 months ago

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I have no idea. I happen to check on where a username is registered and found that it was and the 100 WEKU from that account has been transferred to @bot

And then I see so many times of 100 WEKU transferred. Take a look at this: https://deals.weku.io/@bot/transfers

So, I noticed quite a number of times big chunk of WEKU has transferred to @smart

So, we know where the @smart money came from.

Then I looked at https://deals.weku.io/@smart/transfers

Which shows a lot for WEKU from @smart has gone to @hridoykhan and @rockstar

Well, at least now we need SMS Verification for registration which could be why @bot has not been getting WEKU from new account.

In case you have not heard about SMS Verification, read this post:
[Announcement] Phone SMS Verification implemented

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Quite Interesting to see that!! Find it Interesting but confused at the same time. what is it? btw started following you!! let's grow together..


Thanks for coming by. I'm still trying to make sense of this but i think more like scamming only make sense to the scammer.

Scammers are getting a head start like this, but how do we clean this up?


I don't know, I've also started to notice people doing follow me type comment and I saw there are people plagiarising, just copy and paste post.
One reason registered is to make sure no one take my name and copy my post and post here. I'm sure soon enough someone will do that with the loads or accounts register soon enough.


There are already a ton of accounts like that from before the SMS.


Yes . So i heard too.


Could very well be. Let's hope for the best.