There is no place to complain of what we There was no place to complain as we hoped all was gone ❤️ My Mom Very Beautiful ❤️. CONTEST-Support by @wekubusters, @support-busters, @siamcat And Andother moderators

2 years ago

Greetings, all of them are in my community. We are weku.

Immediately I want to parse from the story of my life and my family who have been away for a long time without returning, how if I had been drawing for a long time,

what should I take and what story should I describe because life was destined to live alone always starts from pain and later maybe just come happy on the day to come,

to whom we have to share and for whom we stand for if this has happened in our daily lives, for a long time a single living image that I have saved is now gone the place I took back again from all my family,

not I did not appoint from one of my family but on the contrary I had tried to find a picture first of me save but it couldn't be, ibuk and father had been away with my brother and sister during the tsunami In 2004,

all of that was carried away by the water which hit the Indonesian porch of Aceh at that time, and at that time I had left my hometown for a while looking for justice and tranquility in my life overseas,

the story that made me sad again on the overseas who no one else in the world knew was a trial for me who stopped for a while in this world,

only that's all that I can describe from the world to justice so that I can rise again to calmness even though it is only a while thanks to all my friends in greetings in this beloved weku community.

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Fate is gone in the dark.

We are weku

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