"Your transaction failed to process"

2 years ago

This is all that most people are seeing, apparently.

"Your transaction failed to process
Why? You've run out of Resource Credits
Actions such as posting and voting use computing resources, placing a real cost on the community members who run the Steem blockchain for everyone.
To keep things free, Steem intelligently allocates Resource Credits to each user based on their Steem Power holdings, which can be used to submit a limited number of feeless transactions. When a user runs low on Resource Credits, they will either need to wait for them to recharge, or purchase additional Steem Power. This system prioritizes actions by good community members while limiting spam.
To keep interacting on Steemit:

Buy and hold more Steem Power
Wait until your Resource Credits recharge
Wait until the network usage decreases

Please Note: The Steem blockchain was upgraded earlier today. You may experience trouble posting and transacting while the new bandwidth system stabilizes over the next 24 hours. It may be best to wait until this process completes before buying more Steem Power."

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HF20 and the new system will only stabilize after 5 days .
Effectively the old system allowed debt with the correction it needs to forgive that debt in bandwidth enough to post but not forget then start to equal it out .

I have the same issue...