Have a great weekend 🌻 my friends ! (I'm going to start again my challenge on Monday)

2 years ago

Im very happy that Team Weku have solved problems with the site and I hope there will be no other problems, my challenge will start again on MONDAY.


Everyone who participates in my challenge has the chance to receive a vote from @friendsgroup !

3 posts each day to receive a vot from @weku-photo

All who participate in my challenge can earn $ 150 Weku Once a week.



-Wednesday: black&whitephotography/vehiclephotography

-Thursday: cityscapephotography

-Friday:springphotography/ portraitphotography

-Saturday: smartphonephotography

-Sunday: goldenhourphotography

Have a great weekend friends , We see Monday !

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Hi Bogdan
Thanks for the information.
See you next week.
Happy weekend and big hug!

thank you for the information and we are very happy with this contest...

we are happy to be back home. and your challenge is among my faves, you know. like a 1st love :P

Good evening, Bogdan! So long to wait!)))