Another Dimension!

11 months ago

Years ago I wrote this really catchy (to me) little tune , getting away from 4/4 timing , only problem was :- None of the Lyrics I had written , up to then would fit in!

As usual I did not overthink it.

I have mentioned before that I was a bit of a Sci- Fi buff?, having read thousands of Paperbacks in my School Years .
Woke up one morning with the first verse and a Chorus in my head, quickly scribbled them down, and had an outline for the rest.

Never had a title for it, just made it up now!

I wan't you to come on down to me,
Visit my World so you can see,
What it is like to live like me,
Down in the Gutters, where I can be free.

I climb up the walls with agility,
Just to see your Beauty, in agony,
Not allowed to be there , the absurdity,
Not good enough for Royalty, wrong ancestry!

You live in your Fairytale Heaven, I see
No dirt or crime around you, can there be,
Your'e Beautiful, they know, look, there is she,
Little Princess, Daddy's Darling, who can never be Free!


Your Family's been privileged for a Thousand Years,
No Peasant has come near You, all their Fears,
But Now I've you in my Power, look out it sears,
Your Dynasty will topple, You'll see my Dears

Hope you enjoy reading this?

All Pictures courtesy of Pixabay.

This original work has previously appeared on Steemit.

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I'd love to hear it :)


I do actually, have a rough recording of this one.

Creativity comes on it's own time schedule.

we are weku