December 2019

last month

So Chris still has thick Hair that knots very easily, and a friend tells her you can get a special anti- tangle hair Brush from Verimark.

We found one for her , a few months Back and as it is Rachel"s Birthday in February , and her hair really takes after Nanna's I go looking for one for Her.

Tried Clearwater, Westgate , and then started Phoning around , problem is:-

It is no longer made!

Phoned Verimark Head Office , tell me Ranpark Ridge Shopping Centre looks like it has two.

So off I go on the Cagiva heading to this Shopping Centre , which I realise,

I have never been to before!

I walk past this Window,


I spot the most interesting , printed T-Shirts.


Funny that the Old Guy Shirts seem to really appeal to me?


And of course, the Eagles are getting on ,too?


Photos all taken by me on my iphone.

I decide to go into the Shop and will make a continuation of this Post.

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