Lost Art!

7 months ago

Look at that , Oh Me ,Oh My,

What are those Lights up in the Sky?

Is it to celebrate the the 4th of July?

Or just some UFO passing by?

So, Yesterday , I need to go to Dobsonville Chapel, to supply and setup a Sound System!

( something I am pretty talented at)

In the Studio where everything is kept, I see a book with a label on it (see below) and take it with me as I need to make some notes.

Open it and find 3 verses for 3 different songs,

I wanted to do the lyrics for and obviously mislaid them?


First 2 Pictures are courtesy of Pixabay, not my property.

Anyhow I will expand on this in a later post, if you would like me too?

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Yes Yes Yes

I wonder what the result will be.

Don't leave us hanging!!!