Was WEKU inspired by Black Mirror?

4 months ago


I rarely share a review of any movies or shows, but I had to share my opinion on this.

I just watched an episode of Black Mirror which is a British television series on Netflix. The similarities in the show, and what happens here on Steemit, WEKU, BEARSHARES ETC.. are uncanny.

Black Mirror centers around stand alone episodes largely in terms of how technology and media effects us individually and as a society.

Season 3 Episode one is definitely something every Steemian should check out.

Titled: Nosedive


This episode centers around an insecure office worker living in a smiley, status-obsessed, nightmare. With a user rating starting off at 4.2 she realizes she needs 4.5/5 to move to an upper class neighborhood. She then finds a way to join an old friend as one of society's elites. Each person is fitted with retina-contacts that syncs to a cell phone. People are constantly rated on performance, appearance, demeaner etc..

My opinion is that the episode is an Orwellian Nightmare as most people are so tense and hung up on being swiped 5 out of 5 stars. Steemit is a choice for me, and I get to put what I like out there. If I don't get upvoted, it's not such a big deal. The level of of how fake people are in the show is unbelievable. This episode is not so far off were facebook/Steemit was a way of life, or even worse a necessity of life. Even if you use profanity in unfair situations; it may hinder your ability for travel or get service.

If you have netflix I definitely recommend this episode. Extremely thought provoking, and not so far off on how our "future" will look (if things continue the way they are).


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