Why do I still get hungry after eating chinese food?!

4 months ago

IMG_3315.PNGNo matter who I know, and the time of day , we all seem to get hungry after devouring some salty fried goodness.

For whatever reason it's become a fact. So I decided to look it up and present my findings with my fellow steemians.

Here they are, the top 3 reasons why you feel hungry an hour after eating Chinese Food:

#1. Mono-sodium glutamate (MSG), which enhances flavor and can act as an appetite stimulant. This leaves the person eating with a sensation of hunger, despite having eaten. In some people, MSG produces even less desirable effects, such as headaches and nausea.

#2 Insulin production. White rice, noodles, sugar, and white flour is definitely featured in chinese dishes. Sure, you get full fast, but then you crash and need more food.
#3. Not enough fat or protein. Yes believe it or not but that fried goodness might not be as fatty as you think. Chinese food is traditionally very low in fat, and it’s the fat that can keep you full. As well, I have found the amount of protein is low (not as much meat). Yes some dishes are al meat, but, let's face it, most dishes mixed vegetables and smaller pieces of meat.

In conclusion, eating fried carbohydrate salty goodness will make you feel extremely full right after eating, but once your body has processed the carbs and broken them down to just sugar, your body will be hungry (and thirsty again).

I bet you're hungry,


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