What is your WEKU Voting Power Sitting At? I'll Show you how to find out.

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No More flying Voting Blind

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I've seen quite a few people asking how to find their current voting power on WeKu, especially as there is now wekunow or wekud like there is for Steem. Well, after a bit of snooping around, and testing with voting and refreshing, I have stumbled upon a way to see what your voting power is, or was after your most recent vote. It's been right in front of our noses all along....

Here is a quick guide on how to find yours:

There is a lot of info hiding behind the scenes on your WeKu Blog web page. The trick is finding it, especially if you're working off your mobile phone or tablet. So here is the method I use to find what my Voting Power is sitting at, both on Mobile, and Desktop versions of the Chrome Web Browsers.

  1. Open up your browser, and go to your WeKu blog page (mine is https://deals.weku.io/@bmj).
  2. Now, in the address bar, add "view-source:" to the front of the URL, like this:


    You'll get a whole lot of text coming up, with all sorts of codes and numbers and links etc... You're almost there!!
  3. In the Desktop Version of Chrome, press ctrl+F to open the search box. If you're using the Mobile Chrome App, hit the three dots on the top left, and select "Find on Page." Type in "voting_power" and hit enter.
    BOOM!!! There it is!
  4. The voting_power is measured in hundredths of a percent, so 100% upvote power would be displayed as 10000, 90% as 9000 and so on... I'm on 9025 voting power, or 90.25%. This is my voting power after my last upvote was made, which wasn't all that long ago.
  5. (Edit- my previous calculation was off)If you want to get technical, you can search for "last_vote_time" as well, and calculate your current recharged voting power at a rate of 2% (or 2000) per 2.4 hours, or 0.0138% (13.8 voting_power) per minute. That time is UTC time, so you'll need to work it out converting your local time to UTC as well.

Note: Your vote_power only updates when you vote, so you'll need to vote, and then refresh your browsers to get a more accurate result.

There you have it; a simple way to find out what your voting power is sitting at. It takes about 5 second to find, but I haven't quite got my Chrome Extension working to pull the values out and calculated them.

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Thanks for reading!

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Good information my friend. I needed this.

Thank you so much for the info.... i was trying to fibd this info from a long time, about voting power...


It was hiding quite well, but I eventually found it. I'm glad you found my post amd know how to find yours now.

Still definitely an awkward way to check, but super helpful

very helpful post i upvoted you


Thanks @payelmia 😁

Thanks This was Helpful..

Hello @bmj I think this person copied your post....
Please go through,

Please confirm after checking.....
I thought you discovered this method and he is taking the credit....


Thanks for checking. He did give credit and reference this post, and made his own screenshots, so not really a copy.


I am glad to know that.... :)


Hehe... he's just making more rewards because he has a bigger following than I do, but that's the way it works anywhere. I'm still super stoked and grateful to those who have supported my post.

Alguien arroja algo de luz para no andar a oscuras. Gracias @bmj.

Is there any way to find vote value?


The inly way is to check your voting power, then make an upvote and see how much value it gives at you voting power percentage. Then you can work out your upvote value if you were at 100%.

Good stuff Brett! Huge accolades for sharing this gem😎


Sometimes it pays off to poke around under the hood to see what you can find.

You deserve some accolades for this findings. I'm still trying to imagine how you found out the trick. 👍

Nice thank you

haha to much work. Will there be more sites or will WEKU always be centralized?


That is not something I can't answer, but I think it may remain centralized for a while, until the APIs are released etc... then things may open up. I think they're scared of openning things up and it becoming a bot fest like Steem is.

It's a great post. Thanks for this information, it's invaluable.


I'm glad you find it useful 😁👍

Great post I find this really informative

Nice one, I figured it would have to be around in the code somewhere :)

Thanks for info. I will go and try to find mine.

Thanks I will have to chec this out and see what mine is at


THIS is they type of posts and help we need on WEKU. As a weku moderator I want to say thank you for contributing positively to the Weku platform. Really excellent post, my friend!


Thanks @papacrusher. I figured a few people may be interested in knowing their voting power balance, so I just thought I'd share what I found lurking under the hood ;)

Now I need to learn to code up a Chrome extension to make it even easier....

I have been wondering about this, and yours came at the perfect time! Very helpful and thanks for your digging :-)

Hey fellow SSG - good to see you on Weku too...

Bad news is I am sitting at 68% voting power. Guess I need to take a small break from voting to rebuild that power.


About 36 hours to recharge fully, so just throttle your vote % down a notch and it will build back up slowly without you completely disengaging :)

This is really an exposition. Thanks!!


Thank you. I'm glad you found this post useful to you.

Thats super useful...nicely done!

You post been voted and rewekud by #latinteam


Thank you @latinteam 😁

something simpler to look at? For the beginning not bad, but we need users friendly touch like in steemit. It will come soon, I hope.


I'm sure as things develop we'll get more tools to find our way around. For now we just look around and have fund finding hidden information...


That's true, we move ahead.

Now I know, it's very useful, thank you for sharing guys.


Sharing our knowledge or discoveries can make the experience better for everyone.

Now I know that, thanks for bringing this awesome content to us.

You're a genius!


Haha I wouldn't go that far🤣🤣. I just found something useful in all the scrambled up text behind the scenes.

A genius would reweku this post


This is REALLY helpful - thanks, @bmj!


My pleasure


This beats voting blind by a country mile :-)


It sure does. If anything, it's shown me that I can be more active/generous with my voting. I haven't been using all of my daily power, now I can make sure I do.



That's a great tip, thank you so much! I love no longer flying blind :D


It is quite handy to know that you still have gas in the tank, and can give out more votes if you're in the high 90s before bed time...

Good info!! Thanks!!


Thank you @paradise-found 👍

Cool— thanks for the tip! Definitely didn't realize you could do that.


I wasn't really looking for it, but happened to find it during my snooping anyways😉

Your post has been voted by the zeal curation team. Creation goes beyond article writing and this is just a token to say, keep the good work up. Inquiries and complaints, join us on discord



Thanks for the support @zeal. Much appreciated!😁

Supper cool, thanks for doing this. I've been wondering how to find my VP ever since I started on WekU.

You´re a fucking crack bro.... congrats


Haha thanks @rdsmas🤣🤣

Thanks for the info.😊

It is very interesting because we are always wondering how much we have left


Wonder no more... it's a bit of a long way round, but it's there for us to know now :)

thank you

Well it took some doing, but I finally got it to work.
Thanks. 100% upvote and reblog @bmj


Glad ypu managed to make sense of my instructions. It would be nice to have an easier way to find our voting power.

Bereh, info yang sangat bermanfaat . terima kasih..

This is so incredibly helpful! I like to be as efficient as possible but was having such a hard time gauging it.

Thank you!


I'm glad this helps you :)

Jejak done

Thank you very much for showing the way to check my VP <333 :) I really appreciate it @bmj. Much Love.

Thanks for the guide! Would be good if someone made an app for showing it more easily at one point.

a mi me sale esto

el reserve_rate:10 que significa

Wow! Cool trick... Thanks!! 😃

Nice work @bmj, this will help everyone until the team announces and easier way which will be done soon, keep up the good work

This is a very good information. I really appreciate with your post. Great Work friend.

Well spotted



It's ok !
Thank you @bmj

Useful information! Thanks for sharing.

Awesome work mate :)

Upvoting your post for posting quality content

Weku community Moderator


Thanks @saimegh, and congratulations on becoming a Weku Moderator.