Ulog; cravings

6 months ago

Ever woken up with the taste of a particular meal or drink on your tongue? Ever gotten distracted by imaginary aroma of your favourite food on a busy afternoon at work? I get these feelings a lot, like a lot. Just this afternoon I was craving hotdogs, but the sun is so hot plus the amount I'd spend to get where I'd get it is much more than the cost if the hotdog in itself, so, I substituted.

Hold on, right before I delve into my substitute and how I made it, allow me feed your eyes with these naked yumminess I made for my sister's birthday last week (of course, mine is super close, counting days now).

Red velvet

Red velvet and Dark coffee & chocolate cake, layered.

Cake barely survived the party before it was devoured.

Okay...back to today. I made pancakes! and oh Lord! Pancakes and ketchup are a match made in heaven. I wanted to have them with honey but I just couldn't find the honey bottle in the pantry so I picked the ketchup instead and helped myself. I doubt I'd stop having these two together.

The making

First edition

So I finished all before I left the kitchen and couldn't get more pictures. I assume y'all know how to make pancakes so I'll save the gist, if you however want my recipes, feel free to drop a comment, I'd be glad to share

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