We All Need Someone Who :???

9 months ago

We all need someone who can read between the lines, our lines. Someone who will momentarily pause in your shade and when your branches or leaves move, take cognizance of that. Someone who will notice if or when all your leaves wither and fall to the ground and still pause to be there for you and with you. No matter what the season of your shade!

We all need someone who will not frighten away the flutter of your words like little birds sitting on a fence despite what mood you find yourself to be in. Someone who will approach you with love and caution during your most vulnerable moments,because the last thing you want is to let your words scatter and flutter away never to return.

I believe that we all need someone to read our black notes on our darkest days, like a sheet of music. One who can press the keynote f as hard as you do on those days as you need it as well as sit next to you on the days when playing the silly chopsticks tune is at the order of the day.

We can all do with a tracker - one who is absolutely brilliant at picking up the importance of the lines around your eyes from smiling or the lines around your mouth, facing down from the hurt and the pain that your life has allocated to you. Someone who is so in tune with you that they will pick up the slightest change in the tone of your voice and just know. Someone to offer a listening ear and know just at slightest slant of your head that you need them.

A person who will straighten up and out our shirt collars and the hems of our skirts/pants. Someone who will pick up that your soul is frayed and wants to help prevent you from becoming a drag and to help carry this weight. One who will soothe and calm the ugly gap in your heart on days that you are unable to straighten the gap on your own (like the gap your zipper might leave).

Indeed we all need someone. To some of us that 'person' or someone may be more than one person and to others it will be one person who fulfills multiple roles.

My husband is my person. My someone. I have others but he's my base camp. My go to.

I pray that we all have someone to turn to in happy or sad times 🖤💔💛💚🌼🏵️🐝🐛

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I have lots of love for this post!
I love you too monkey

Love that pic!!


It's mesmerizing!