Fulfillment of Messianic Prophecy by Jesus #54

9 months ago

Isaiah 50:6 – “I give My back to those who beat Me and My cheeks to those who pull out My beard. I do not hide from shame, for they mock Me and spit in My face.”

So many details that really amaze me. God’s Word, His Prophecy. Not just mere men but prophets led and empowered by God or write what would happen to the Messiah down to small details. God does not dwell in time like we do. It is the only thing we know and have experienced is a life within the confines of time, But God sees tomorrow and even something that will happen thousands of years from now, for Him it has already happened

I took this photo recently with my Huawei Nova 2i in the Philippines

Fulfillment in Jesus Christ

Matthew 26:67-68 – “Then they spit in Jesus’ face and hit Him with their fists. And some slapped Him, saying, ‘Prophesy to us, You Messiah! Who hit You that time?’”

Matthew 27:30 – “And they spit on Him and grabbed the stick and beat Him on the head with it.”

Mark 14:65a – “Then some of them began to spit at Him, and they blindfolded Him and hit His face with their fists.”

Mark 15:19 – “And they beat Him on the head with a stick, spit on Him, and dropped to their knees in mock worship.”

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Daddy William
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God sees the big picture. He fits it together like a perfect tapestry. Thanks for sharing this passage @daddywilliam


Amen brother!