Hemorrhage Dengue Fever and Daddy’s Heart

8 months ago

Being so far away from our son while he is in the hospital is not fun. Hemorrhage Dengue Fever is very dangerous at this phase. The blood platelet count is watched closely as internal bleeding occurs in all of the organs.

His platelet count was 140,000, then went to 103,000 and now is 50,000. Normal can be in the 400,000 area.


Earlier I walked 7 miles to Walmart and back. 3 1/2 miles one way to send some money to my wife, She is down to 100 pesos or $2 USD.

Because I have been living in the Philippines for the past 5 years, I did not have the proper ID and a phone number in the US that would allow me to send the funds.

Anyway this is very hard to be so far away and feeling sort of helpless. The hospital bill will have to be paid before they can go home. Needing a miracle and prayer for my son.

Please pray for my family and especially our son.

Daddy William

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You are in my prayers tonight.
With God's help, this battle fight
May your son be well and see
God at work, this pain to free
With prayer and health, may He send
this miracle to my dear friend.

Blessings to you @daddywilliam


Thank you!

I pray that your son gets better soon
And hopefully he can smile again like before.


Thank you so much!

@daddywilliam sorry to read this
we will pray for the health of your child dear friend


Thank you!

Praying for him. :D