Strange and beautiful ... this outfit is usually made to take part in a carnival event

2 months ago


strange but real, this is a real person who is dressed up as a form and a truly unique and strange result

This shirt is usually made to take part in an event and this shirt is also made from a used newspaper. It is not surprising that many clothes like it because it is unique and very rare we see, this shirt is usually made to take part in competitions or artwork clothing that is held in the region, making it very easy


creative and active in making hand art, because this is made with fruits and leaf leaves and the results are truly extraordinary, thanks to the sincerity of learning and deep conviction all that we want or we desire will surely be realized, for example we make this beautiful art, how to make the foam very easy and light, only with fruits and leaf leaves and arranged with some appearance will be a very beautiful and charming workshop


the art of the hand is usually made to participate in a hand skills program or for other events, only with perseverance and a little training can all make it, because with sincere intentions everything we work will definitely succeed, only in need and hard work





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