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last month

Good morning, afternoon and evening from me in England!


I've just been out to my Polytunnel in our rather bijou cottage garden, to check on the tomato seeds I sowed last Sunday, and, voila! We have lift off!


I bought the heated propagator from Ebay last year and it works a treat.
The unit has been designed to automatically maintain the compost temperature at 19 degrees Celsius (+/-2 degrees). The electric heated base is designed to transfer gentle heat to the compost – when the heat is on, it will feel warm rather than hot to the touch.



The Birds eye Chilli's that I grew last year,
Which are 100-200k SHU, still had a some fruits left on the plant so, I extracted the seeds amd left them to dry out for a few days. I've just planted them too so should have a good crop of seedlings in a month or so, thanks to the



I look forward to the spring and seeing all the fruits of my labour! It really is a wonderful passion, horticulture and homesteading.


All Photography Copyright © 2019 Darren Claxton

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