Dresden doing paragliding

6 months ago

   I have uploaded this 17-minute video in high definition, while flying over "El Gallinero" in Agost, Spain, so that anyone who may be interested in doing it some day, gets a better idea of what the experience will be like.

   They call it that because there are many people who, at the time of jumping off from the cliff, are frightened and do not jump finally. I must admit that, perhaps, it is the part of the activity that most impresses: heading in the middle of a race towards a precipice while your logic tells you otherwise.

   The other funniest moment was when we decided to do a stretch of free fall giving turns on the horizontal axis. The landing was also very interesting as you can see those who see the end of the video...

As you can see, I'm still alive to tell it!

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ahoy corporal!
that's pretty awesome ey?

Ja ja ja, me encanta tu calma, yo iría gritando de emoción :)

Sehr mutig👍

Jejeje qué valor! Yo hace un tiempo que le tengo ganas pero no me decido!

Ohhhhhh!!! qué chévere!!! ya me animaré a hacer mi paseo en parapente, o mejor aún, ahorraré para hacer skydiving jajaja :P