Proposal of WeKu Ambassador for Indonesia

last year


Hello everyone. Greetings to all of you in the WeKu community.

On this opportunity, I would like to submit an article concerning the WeKu Indonesia Ambassadors program which is initiated by @siamcat. It is an honor for me to be able to participate in the program because my involvement in it, is one of the commitments to participate in promoting WeKu to all people of Indonesia.

My Experience with WeKu

I was among the lucky people when I first joined at the launching of WeKu to public in September 2018. My activities from September to December 2018 were quite high intense. There were one or two articles I wrote every single day.

When writing articles, I as a beginner writer, was motivated to understand the importance of writing creative content. Furthermore, I hope to keep my integrity as a blog writer who is able to produce original works. Besides that, I also intend to participate in giving confidence that WeKu will have a good future.

In promoting the existence of the WeKu platform at that time, of course, it takes extra effort because WeKucoin cannot be traded as it is today. That is the biggest challenge introducing WeKu because it is not just a blog for writing but also having economic value in it.

In one article, I once made a survey of 60 WKD prizes with questions about WeKu's success on the blockchain social network and asked for suggestions whether WeKu successfully entered the exchange. The conclusion that I got from the survey answers was very positive because WeKu was considered to be better than those of similar platforms.

Slow but sure, users from Indonesia will continue to grow. In supporting the WeKu community, I pioneered the use of tag #teamindonesia, eventhough it was not giving maximal curations, but these tags have been used up to now.

I tried to promote WeKu on campus, too. I succeeded in convincing students to be part of the WeKu community. From the results of the promotion, it was such a surprising finding that talented writers among students are appeared which was previously unpredicted. These students finally found a blog media that produced rewards from the results of writing.

Without feeling superiors of the others, that's my experience so far with all its shortcomings and strengths in introducing WeKu.

Vision and Plan to Create Growing Community

I have a vision to make WeKu as a trusted blockchain-based blogging platform in Indonesia, so that it has a strong exchange rate against WeKu Dollar (WKD) and WeKucoin. If this vision can be achieved, the number of WeKu users will continue to grow.

Efforts to improve and grow the WeKu community can be done through several programs such as:

  1. Hold discussions, seminars, or other socialization activities to students on some campuses to introduce WeKu as a blockchain-based blogging platform.
  2. Disseminate to any writing community or to whom are interested in literacy activity promoting some benefits obtained being a creator content in WeKu.
  3. Form branches of the WeKu community in every towns as a forum for gathering writers.
  4. Make a WeKu writing contest by taking the momentum of the national day as the theme of writing.
  5. Inviting business people to become local investors on WeKu cryptocurrency products that can be traded like flat money.

It is hoped that from the explanation above, we can realize the goals that WeKu will absolutely be achieved as a blockchain business entity in the era of 4.0. Finally, I also hope to be chosen as one of the Ambassadors for Indonesia.

Faithfully Yours,

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The best introduction video so far, not too long and with the subtitles for the other to read.
Well written content.


Oh yeah... Thank you so much my dear.

Excellent. Very well written and sounds genuine. You have a great potential to bring more people to Weku and also promote quality content within the platform.


Thank you for the praise you gave. Hopefully My Wealth is getting better.

Semoga weku semakin berkembang

mantap om. scorum masih main gk om

Senang melihat anda di postingan kali ini.
My supported you
Semoga sukses


Ok siap senior. Makasih bos!

Everything is ok but how to exchange weku into other crypto currency


Step by step and by progress.

Apakah koin Weku dollar uda bisa di perjual belikan pak?


WKD belum. Baru ada WeKucoin di

Sep bereh kira aju



Mantap. Semoga sukses pak @dsatria


Alhamdulillah ini salah satu jalan memajukan WeKu.

Cita-cita dan tujuan yang mulia, sukses selalu.



Apa yang diharap semoga tercapai, Aamiin!


Makasih doanya...

Hebat pak @dsatria, semoga apa yang di harapkan dan ingin tercapai hendaknya. Saya pribadi sangat senang ketika orang-orang terus memperjuangkan Weku agar menjadi platform yang terbaik diantara segala media. Terkadang di dalam memajukan sesuatu perlu data yang kuat dan terkadang tidak membutuhkannya. Tergantung orang yang menikmatinya sendiri. Saya pun berambisi bahwa, Weku akan menjadi salah satu platform yang disukai oleh setiap orang karena alasannya seperti yang Anda katakan. Terima kasih atas informasinya


Biarlah tim pusat WeKu yang menilai. Kita hanya berusaha.

Mantap pak, semangat. Semoga bapak terpilih jadi weku ambassador 👍


Amin... Amin... Makasih sudah memberikan semangat

inilah yang seharus nya terjadi promi weku serentak...lanjut semoga weku sucses...


Ayo semangat nulis.

Dari semua sisi, saya pikir Pak dosen @dsatria sangat cocok jadi ambassador Weku Indonesia. Saya tidak kenal dekat dengan pak Satria, tapi dari beberapa kali bertemu dengannya, saya jadi tahu bahwa beliau peduli dengan platform ini. Dan, satu lagi, Pak Satria bisa mengayomi semua...

long sangat long dukundroneh pak dosen, semoga beu awak droteuh mandum duek hinan, mangat bak ta peugah hai singoh, bek neu pelheuh angen

Sukses selalu

These initiatives are what this community needs. people with ideas and content creators. This enriches the platform, makes it motivating, attracting more wekfunder and raising the cultural, artistic, technical and communicational level of the contents. Now, what is not necessary and what hurts us, are the bot voters and trendsetters.

Inilah momen yang tepat untuk Wekunesia membuktikan diri, bahwa kita memang punya dan layak memimpin ambassador weku untuk indonesia. Sebagai seorang teman, saudara dan tinggal di kabupaten yang sama saya mengucapkan selamat bergabung pak, semoga yang lainnya menyusul. Masalah siapa yang akan dipilih @siamvat biarlah mareka yang nentuin. Yang penting kita bisa membuktikan bahwa kita punya ambassador sekelas bapak, karya, kreasi dan dedikasi bapak sudah tidak diragukan. So,,, selamat ya pak, semoga terpilih hendaknya


Saya cuma bisa bilang amin.

Semoga bapak @dsatria terpilih jadi #weku-ambassador-indonesia



mendukung sepenuhnya @dsatria terpilih jadi #weku-ambassador-indonesia, tetap semangat dan sukses selalu. salam weku

Wow luar biasa sekali pak. Semoga bapak bisa menjadi weku ambassador dan membuat weku menjadi lebih terkenal lagi.. sukses ya pak 👍👍