420 dreams; episode#1: A new home, a new plug

last month


It was a cool afternoon, he met with the Real estate agent who handed some files to him, he had just finalized the paper works for his new apartment. California, yes! He accepted the files with much happiness and on it he could boldly see his name written on it ‘For Paul Hendrix’, it’s all done and dusted, he was ready to move. The new apartment was a spacious one, he’s got two close door neighbors, but he never met them throughout his house hunting periods. It was a mystery, but an adventure to give a try, his work place was very close, not as close as a stone throw, but it will take a taxi driver just five minutes to get to his work place on an average speed.

He had words with the truck driver and he closed a deal with them to move his relevant luggages to his new home, that would take about 48 hours to complete, he just can’t wait, but it’s was compulsory anyways, the truck boys must do their job the right way. “Forty-eight hours will be perfect Sir” one of the boys assured him. He’s got to wait, he must. The truck driver and his workers were prompt and dedicated to their work, so it took less than an two days to finish the job.

He moved in, and with the help of the interior decorators, he had his apartment fixed up and furnished to the taste of a newly employed bachelor, it was a touch of perfection, he had just the right position for his gaming equipment and his PlayStation could be seen just near his television, a disk of FIFA 18 and Grand Theft Auto can be seen just near the play station box, he had just the perfect things, he bought some edibles and had got some bottles of his favorite wines in his refrigerator. But even though he loved cannabis, he was skeptical about getting some as he wasn’t sure of the rules around his new abode. But nonetheless, he’s got some plans

Walking down he stairs, he met a guy going opposite direction, that should be his neighbor, he was a bit tipsy, so they barely exchanged pleasantries and went their ways. He was a well built guy with muscles near perfection and a manly haircut with normal hair levels. He is cool, he thought to himself, that wasn’t bad for a first impression, but not much to it, he was surprised he just got to see his neighbor for the first time since moving in, it’s almost a week he had some tough times fixing his apartment with the Interior Beauty team.

His neighbor just got back from a vacation, he was meant to understand, he hoped for a better meeting with him. It was a hard day at work so he took a glass of whisky and slept off. No beerbogs but he woke up with a little headache, happily it was weekend, so he’d have some times to recover.

After his soft workout, he lay on his couch staring at the skies, but the scent in the room was changing a bit, a very familiar scent, he tried to articulate… ‘CANNABIS’!, his heart leaped with a huge relief, since he moved in, he hasn’t had a puff, and as you could guess, it was telling on him. He jumped out of the room and traced the source of scent. It’s was his neighbor! What a delight!, he prayed for a better meeting with him, he just got it!, without any paranoid feeling he knocked on the door and waited for a minutes before he heard some steps encroaching.

The door was opened and the scent was much clearer and sweeter, “Can I…?” he asked his neighbor, “sure come in”, he replied with a very welcoming voice. It’s was a perfect apartment, he have some portraits of reggae star Bob Marley boldly clipped on his wall, and an ash try beside his table, their was a ball of weed wrapped around water proof leather, with a paper tag.

Gorilla glue
THC 26%
CBD 0.5%

He could clearly read that from the paper. He heard a voice from his back “you smoke?”, “of course” he answered…

Stay Tuned for the next episode, also share your views on this episode for improvements on the coming episodes of this new story series

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