Cannapedia series #42: The Gorilla glue

2 months ago


Where my dawgs at? Lol, I got that line from the migos, we some real stonney crew onboard and we just rode past the chemdawgs but I guess we might have left some members on the dawg tracks, American rappers always refers to their clique as dawgs, I guess it fits the chemdawg right. Let’s leave this track!, welcome to yet another series on the cannapedia big book and we are constantly adding more pages to our long running book and it gets bigger everyday, you can always make your suggestions on which cannabis strain you’d like to be featured on the next issues of this series. Of you’re just joining us today, then I suggest you take a little walk around our track and check out our past issues sure you’ll have much to discover.

For a little flashback, we discussed the chemdawg cannabis strain, danky for sure, the chemdawg strain despite its obscure origins have gained much popularity over the years and have come on top of many stoners' list, with it’s potency and fast action, the energetic highness from the chemdawg comes in even before you get to feel it’s savory aroma, makes you want to take more despite it fast-hitting effects, the 45% Indica still shows up it’s effects in the amazing calmness you feel after a while, amazing strain, one for the active period and one to get you off your moody state of mind.

We are certainly not going to dwell on that for much longer, it’s high time we moved on the our main issue for today, and again we have a strain which bears a fitting name, one you’d nod your head at the mention of it name The Gorilla Glue. Have you ever been gripped by a Gorilla? I’m sure you didn’t even imagine that… the Gorillas have a high power gripp force and rarely let’s go of anything they grip as a form of self defense or personal protection, this is just a sneak peak of what the Gorilla glue cannabis strain feels like.

Produced via the cross breeding of the Chem’s sister and chocolate diesel, the gorilla glue is a balanced hybrid with 50% sativa and same proportion of Indica, you’d have an equal feel of the both effects, each coming in at its own time to met out the characteristic effects of this strain, it’s pungent earthy and pine scent sometimes scents like coffee and leaves you with the thoughts of a chocolate smoke, fans of chocolate candys would be glad with this opportunity. It starts off with the characteristic sativa effect, pulling you along the rails of creativity, energy and euphoria, and ends with the relaxed happy feelings of the Indica. With a THC level as high as 28% this effect is highly cerebral and the nervous system action is well maneuvered.

This strain is hence a nice choice for the management of pain, insomnia and depression, its medical abilities is due to the above mentioned alternating effect of the Indica and sativa which are balanced in proportion.

Growing this strain is very easy and good yield have been recorded for both indoor and outdoor growth, flowering starts in seven to nine weeks.

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"where my dawgs at" straight out from Rick Rose "911" track, lol. I was about to say that coffee flavor is missing out only to be greeted by the glue and it is surely one of the strains I would like to try out.

the good informative post about Gorilla glue.
Thanks for share with us..

What are the medical benifits of stavia and indica.