Cannapedia series #48: Santa Maria

2 months ago


First advice, don’t get too high on that damn sour, else you’ll miss the next cannapedia issue!, happily some took that advice but unfortunately we’ve got some who couldn’t help it, not their fault anyway, but we hope they join us before the train takes off, hopefully, haha, we continue again on our cannapedia big book and it’s just another day we get to review another cannabis strain and we are drawing near that half century mark and I’ve already got your champagne in the refrigerator and I’m sure you prefer it cold than warm, however the choice is yours, I can still stuff it inside the micro wave and you’ll get it hot… lol, I can’t imagine a hot champagne. Incase you couldn’t meet up with the previous series, you can still head back and read up on that very interesting strain, and this community keeps getting bigger, so for sure we’ve got some new members, and of course our train is large enough to get everyone settled and ready, so pick a seat and pick a roller too, it’s a roller coaster ride along the plains of the cannabis universe.

For the newcomers and those who missed the previous episode of this series, we discussed the damn sour cannabis strain and just as I said, it’s a strain that will keep you screaming Damn! Talking more and hugging everyone around you, makes you more sociable and confident with your surroundings with much creativity and a dead end for stress and anxiety, a perfect daytime strain with 80% sativa and an average THC level of 19%, flip the pages to the left and read more on this because we are flipping to the right, as always…
It’s a new dawn and another strain to keep you up with the new day and also get you spiritual, being a highly spiritual strain, the Santa Maria as the name rightly suggests is a highly religious strain with huge involvement in religious activities over the years, the Santa Maria strain has been a very pronounced strain in the spiritual activities of the early cannabis users due to its peculiar highness which gets you feeling closer to spirithood, with few modifications the name was given to this strain to indicate it religious significance.

A product of silver pearl and Mexican Haze, the Santa Maria is a sativa dominant strain with about 65% sativa and 35% Indica, however, despite this sativa dominance, a surprisingly high level of Indica effects is felt succeeding the energetic hit from the sativa…

As if walking along a sandy beach, you’ll love the warmth of this bud that sets out to invigorate and please the senses of its user, making it a favorite amongst artists and musicians. With hints of fruitiness in the smoke, the flavors give way to long-lasting effects that energize and, in some cases, arouse. Spice things up a bit and enjoy this bud with a partner.

Despite its average THC level of 13-14%, this strain has an amazing potency and the good Indica hit which succeeds the sativa flush of energy, creativity and cerebral enhancements gets the nerves to rest in a very welcoming fashion and it’s fruity citrus sweet flavours drags you into euphoria and hence a good strain for managing depression, pain, insomnia, muscle spasms and cramps, lack of appetite and of course, low libido.
Indoor and outdoor growth have been successful with a moderate yield of 1-3oz per square foot of plant, flowering starts in about 7-9 weeks with its growth requiring some good gardening skills.


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If I am a Rastafarian, I'd bask in this strain for life. It's like we're in the season of sativa dominant strains, please keep'em coming.

Very good content you were curated by @henryortizutima I encourage you to continue contributing quality content. HENRY-OR  TIZ-UTIMA2.png