My clarification being a WeKu users.

2 years ago

At the beginning, when I joined the weku, I saw that many people have weku power more. The source of this power increase is their multiple account. Then I created some accounts. Because, from the community, we have not received any instructions regarding the creation of 42 accounts.

Since no instructions were given, I did 42 accounts and all of them transferred to my @elias id. All IDs are unread. And I only work with @elias ID.

Suddenly, @weku-team is announced that, those who have previously made multiple ids, have received signup bonuses, they have to return weku.

Then, weku moderator @siamcat cooperates with me. He asked me to send an email to the community and to give him the username of all the alt account.
I send an email to the community and it comes to replay that I give back those weku @alaxay04 ID.
Already I returned the sign up bonus three times to @alaxay04 id And handed over all the alt account username to @siamcat.

I am ashamed of my previous work and I promise that, to increase the beauty of this platform, I will always try and curation the quality post using my VP. And I will continue to do this. And I promise not to do any kind of corruption later.

I give curation support in the weku community like my words. For the past month, I have been doing this work.

This is my story in WeKu platform. Read this properly and give your opinions in comment box.
This post is posted as asked by the weku moderator @amar to clarify the things that I am dealing with him.

I am ready to provide any kind of help to the weku moderation team whenever required. Together we growing this platform. If any user needs any help from me to use weku, you can directly contact me on discord. I will try to help if I can. And honestly we will do our best to move on to this platform.

Finally, I repeat that I am sorry to my previous works. I am not involved any shot of wrong activities in few months. I am working for growing WeKu platform. And helping support WeKu users. And following direction of The WeKu-team.

This is my profile elias

Believe in yourself by @elias


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I am very happy that you take this step Elias. We shall all moving forward and support this community together.

You are doing great now and please continue to support the community.

Thank you for your cooperation.


I will always try and cooperate myself for the community.
And I am trying to identify the WeKu sellers in black market.

Thank you for the support. @siamcat

You are a good man, keep up the good work.
I look forward to working with you in the future!!
God bless you brother!!


Thank you so much to support me. Dear Papa Bear😎

Thank you for your support of the NEW GV Mentor Project!!

Good step taken dear. Only brave people can do this.

gud elyas bhai

Thank for cooperate. We are with you.



I find it very honest of you and at the same time a great gesture of courage!
sincerarte in that way in a public way within the platform is an example to follow!
I congratulate you and wish for you the greatest of luck!
I am proud of your initiative to help other users to emerge within WeKu!
I believe that having someone like you is a valuable and at the same time thoughtful resource ...

Greetings @elias!

We have appreciated Quality content.

Please use our #wekufamily and Follow @ tag to receive our support.

The post of day 21 will be reviewed on the 22nd as we will be waiting for a new member of the Family. NATHALIA

Remember to visit our daily healing report.




I am happy to see your honest confession. It's great to upvote high-quality posts as you have done for weeks.
I am looking forward to cooperating with you to help the community.


Thank you, my dear, For appreciate my works.

You are doing great and very honest @elias, keep up the good work 👍

I have faith on you brother. I know you will never do such a bad thing in the future.
Forget about what has happened in the past and move forward. I'll be always with you.


Thanks @delwar for you faith.

Elias my bestie..... That was awesome decision you took. More power to your elbows.

thanks for your decession @elias


Wow, 42!!