[Announcement] Phone SMS Verification implemented

10 months ago


The WEKU team has implemented SMS Verification for account signup. This should effectively control the behavior of multiple account signup using bots. We strive to make WEKU a fun, fair, and inspiring community.

The WEKU Team

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this is my discord username add me my sweet friend (sorayakhatun


Your vote is very strong

It's good idea.

Good job #weku @fang. This make a weku platform most safety. You know so many fake account in weku. Plagiarism and others. I hope weku is Most Powerful too flags any Fake Account @fang

Its a great news for us...thanks for sharing..

Hell yes ,this is what is going to make it run smooth and in order...
Great news

We are very happy with this information, yesterday my brother finished registering his account after the Phone SMS Verification function

Nice post
I love post @fang

Thanks for share

Resolved Issues By Development Team

  • Awesome Information for wekuians

  • First of all i am thankful to development team they work hard

  • The development team resolved the phone verification problem

  • The development team resolved the savage problem as many of wekuians destroyed the amount before it fixed

  • The development team resolved the Delegation problem problem

  • Now you can easily Delegate the weku power

  • Here is the link of Main Post

  • https://deals.weku.io/community-deals/@einstei1/resolved-issues-by-development-team
    Thanks To WEKU Team, I Love WEKU Team
    Thanks to all of you guys please reweku Upvote comment

Information about WEKU (No Savage room is Here Now Be care-ful)
All Wekuians

  • Here are some main points i am discussing today so everyone focus on these points.
  • All users are afraid when they convert WEKUD to WEKU and saw in his wallet WEKU is zero, do not afraid because it take 3.5 days to come in your wallet
  • The main and focus-able point is this recently our friend @kingron loss 400 WEKUD It is because he send the 400 WEKUD to savage but you can see their is no savage room an appearance now so be-careful
  • I Know the development team is working hard at the back end and soon fix it but for now just cool down
  • I am thankful to the development team they fixed the registration bug
  • I have knowledge about programming i am trying to making a automatic upvoting bot which work on commands
    Question of @kingron

    Do Not Stop ReWekued The Cool Knowledge
  • I am Hope Sir @gbenga & @alexey04 Give me good reward on this cool knowledge
  • I am studying more about Weku when i complete my analysis i will share it with you guys
  • I am @einstei1 your best and lovely friend
  • Here is the link of main post
  • https://deals.weku.io/community-deals/@einstei1/information-about-weku-no-savage-room-is-here-now-be-care-ful

I lost 0.6wkd because I also transferred to savings lols

Excuse me sir @fang i need your response can we create tokens and use these token for upvoe weku post like whaleshare did

  • This increase the volume and it is also play a great role to increase in price of weku
    Thanks sir @fang waiting for your response

For some reason not message was received after the sms verification

i saw you on steemit platform


Bro, thank you Bro, Good luck.

Thanks your information about weku verification. Upvote me.

Terimakasih atas vote anda,,,

Nice sukses buat @fang

This will be very effective to minimize cheating, of course this is the result of the hard work of the team, thank you for the information @fang!

Thanks for nice information

hi @fang where are you from?

thanks for information



Well It shows weku team is working hard to give us a good platform

Good job @fang
More power to wekuteam
And weku community

Weku is getting better and better day by day.to give comfortable condition to the users. Thanks to all weku master.@fang

I invited my fb friends to register on weku
but the code never arrives on their phone.

Good post My friend
Don't forget to visit and vote for my blog,
Thank you for your cooperation

I invited my fb friends to register on weku
but the code never arrives on their phone.

Thanks for sharing brother @fang and Dont forget to visit my blog and upvote my newpost brother. Hopefully to you @fang. I hope you always be succes in weku team. Best regard from me @muhammadzainijoi

Good information, thanks

I had asked two of my friends to sign up but they were unable to. One person was stuck at the SMS bit, not receiving the SMS code and the other stuck at email verification, Not receiving the verification email.

Now, there should be lesser abusive registration.

Its good 😊😊

Fantastic. So now hopefully if my roommate ever does decide he wants to sign up he will hopefully not be mistaken as being me due to being behind the same router. Still working on convincing him.

We make weku better,
The experience we see in steemit, only a few people in power for themselves ...

Suggestions that the price of the dollar can be high and the bonus continues to be adjusted,

Our job is to promote this time ...

thanks for new information! excellent post

It is also taking charges to receive SMS for verification purpose.

Great work teamdev. Pls check my post.

this is very good, so as to give an opportunity to one developing account