Regarding the issue of automatic account registration using bots [Notice from the WEKU team]

2 years ago


Every one is welcome to sign up and claim the signup bonus. In the case that the same user registers multiple accounts using bots and claims the bonus multiple times, the bot-registered accounts are not eligible for the signup and referral bonuses, and may even be flagged.

The WEKU team has identified a few users doing so by analyzing the IP/time/pattern combinations. From now on, registering 20+ users from the same IP address will be investigated.

Happy WEKUing!

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in that case. that is not fair, hope this issues and concern will fixed and to those multi users to please stop this kind of shit...i reweku this post so others see and learn ./thank you @fang


Thank you very much!


good and like


your very welcome @fang. i just do what id right, fighting for the right we aim in this weku platform. hope they stop using multi users, ...


hi @fang i see you are a team member of weku comunity and i am new here and i want to ask you that weku team is giving signup bonus and refrell bonus still now or finished because i didnot get any bonus of signup,
aslo i want to know how can i purchase weku because here is not any method showing to buy weku i am new users came here from steemit with the same name and also i want to make my self the early part of weku platform to get more oppurtunities, and to see the more active weku team for promoting weku on every social media and also here in weku i sure weku will be more great and attractive platform

Why i still didn't get sign up bonus.???

Weku should stop giving sign up bonus .


Damm I still didn't get any bonus. Had you?




pls vote me.


You say that while you also use the bot to create accounts to receive bonuses. =]] Z really funny

Why not using one account? You can get Weku Power or Weku Dollar by having and creating a post not by using bot or make several accounts. Be gentle guys!!! A case like that should be banned from WeKu, we want positive energy in here @fang.

Have a nice breakfast everyone.


Please allow me to reWekuing this post.


Thanks @the.creator!


You are very welcome Sir.

You need to create a bot which automatically detects multiple users from the same ip


There has to be some forgiveness for this, I share the same computer with others in my house and we have different accounts @enosh & @hhayweaver and very different content. But if someone has 10 - 20 or more from one IP address should be a red flag.

Boss, i did not receive the sign up, can u tell me how could received the sign up bonus? @fang

I agree with you @fang

However, there are some genuine people that may have created multiple accounts with their phone on behalf of others.
I advise that one should take care not to endanger these group of persons who are acting to help build up weku.


I was not lucky, I signed up for Weku and didn't get 100 weku, this is all because of those who made lots of accounts :(

Where can we buy my money?

And what is the price on the market?

I bought with a friend for 1 weku one $...

Thanks for your information.

I love weku.. Thank for sharing my friend :)

well i need to be a part of weku team so i will give so much great advises and solution of different problems i found here i want to be sure that i am helping the community

Well we need a proper community to manage this site so we will get a better future soon i am ready for every help i have experience as well i need to be in community so we can help our site grow easily @fang

Yup a lot of members do this for sign up bouns . i think allow just 5 Account with same ip . These types of member make this platform bad . and i wish Weku go to the moon . :)

Happy @weku


LOL how about using share Wifi?

I will create a post ralated this content in my native langguage, sometime many user just see the post and give an upvote without reading it

i cannot received my bonus.but why?

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sir, how can i fix this problem? i lost 400 weku because i just click Transfer To Savings not knowing there`s no Savings yet in WEKU DOLLARS-WKD . Can you help me to return my weku. You can check my account for validation.


@alexey04 help me for this pls

How do I receive my registration bonus? @fang @weku-team

good post thank you.........

Dear sir I'm your new Weku member. But I don't get my 100 Weku Token reward. I wish i will get it soon.

hello, excuse me thanks for the notice, where the registration bonus is claimed? Thank you

Postingan-postingan yang sangat bagus @fang

a very extraordinary post

@fang excellent decision, multiple accounts and bots are not good for the platform, especially if you want to build something long term.
Many thanks for sharing this information
I wish you a great day

I have sent you a referral link to the friends. I can not have any problem with this.

It's great that to see Weku doing such good things to protect misuse. Something that was missing on steemit. I find weku handling issues much better but I also feel a little unfortunate to not have known about it earlier. Finding it quite difficult in early days. But I hope things will get better soon. :)

Sign up bonus? How? I just joined and I don't see anything of such in my wallet. Is there something else I need to do before its sent?

Salam kenal teman-teman di weku saya baru saja bergabung

Great post.

this is the best way to filter abuser

Good posts and posts are very useful for all of us, hopefully this will be the best for everyone,
send regards for success

How can I buy Weku?


I doubt if weku is presently in any exchange


ok okok


Ouch! You had to add "real" in front of your name too?

I'm not yet given signup bonous

I can see its rampant here, such dishonest actions can affect honest members who are doing hard to invite people to join the community so weku could grow huge and fast.

One very important information, thanks you @fang

I think it's a good idea and action @fang ... and does that mean we won't get a bonus again ??? I really expect the first bunos to increase weku upvote power.

There's always someone willing to take advantage when a new platform is created!
Well done to the team for getting this quickly eradicated!

Great, I don't use more than one account I don't need to, why should anyone else need to do so?

it is extraordinary ... the bonus must be limited and must also be investigated properly. Don't let the original new registrants register first so they don't get bonuses.

I only registered one account, but I didn't get a bonus, why people who use bots can get a bonus ...

that case happened a lot sir because of the greediness, they are not aiming for a genuine content. They don't care of inspiring someone through writing. I admit money is what I need but we must not forget that your writings will inspired someone, others will continue writing. How lovely it must be if we have that kind of community, I support this kind of proposal. Good luck to us in the world of weku where our emotions express through writing, @fang

weku account spam, hard work and very classy with the results of the investigation, thank you for the useful information.@fang

if the free 100 weku is on wekupower as sign up bonus, like steemit did back then, it will lessen the amount of users creating multiple account and might be prevented. but in this case the free bonus is transferrable so what do we expect??
a plasma TV.

Thanks for alert
Informed us @fang

1 Mobile number can use for 1 account

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Dear @fang,
There is a possibility that people are using the same IP address because they working in the same company or using the same IP address by a big family that living under the same roof. Agree with no more than 20 users using the same IP address or less than that

The best thing to do is just play fair and square! Work our a*ss hard to get good gains and not drain the bonus pool just like what happened on steemit. Not just the IP but tract the device as well!

Kudos to this process and post!
You earned all my trust and support from now on!

Curious as to when I should expect a sign on bonus. Does it come after about a week or should I have already received it? Still unclear on my end. Sorry for pestering ya.

In my view, now we should add phone number verification in the accounts too.

Plz gave me token

hello sir i am new user but i dont get any sign up bonus thank you

hello sir i do not get my sign up and referral bonus

hi @fang, seems like you are one of the members of the weku team
who else is here?
who started this btw?


Whoa... you are here already?

I don't know how many accounts they registered, but somebody, maybe Noganoo, registered a series of names of well-known Steemians, and pocketed the referral rewards.

You may want to look into this, if it is not too late.

In all honesty, I registered three accounts here, the same ones I also registered on Steemit, just to prevent somebody else stealing those account names.


In all honesty, I registered three accounts here, the same ones I also registered on Steemit, just to prevent somebody else stealing those account names.

Way to be honest. The two accounts I currently run - @papa-pepper & @little-peppers - were both registered by @noganoo before I even heard of weku...


He's such a prick nasty person. I hope things can be fixed somehow, and that somebody puts a stop to his evil ways before he gets too powerful.


No kidding. It'll destroy a fresh, new platform like this quickly.


The huge accounts and the first trending shitposts have also already arrived:

Things seem to be evolving the same way Steemit did, only faster. I hope I'm wrong, and that they can avoid some of the known pitfalls.

yes that so be done to minimize the rate of some illegality @fang

From now on, registering 20+ users from the same IP address will be investigated.

Just trying to think like a scammer would for a minute to cover the bases...

Does this mean that everyone is free to register 19 accounts and claim the bonuses?

Some people get their sign up bonus while others don't
On my side I promote weku by sharing the platform's idea with my friends but suprisingly I don't get my referral bonus

So my question is why am I not getting my referral bonus

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Sir, I have 400 weku to my wallet . But unfortunately i just click the Transfer to Savings as I knew there`s no Savings yet in WEKU DOLLARS- WKD. How can i return this amount? can you help me i just save some weku for the future if it has a value. @alexey04 please help me

I think many of us are the same, why did not I receive the registration bonus? good question

Is there still a sign up bonus ? I signed up yeasterday and didn t get one so far.

Permission to reweku this post sir

Copy that @fang !

this is such an nice initative to stop fake account registration from those people who are here just for money.....
this is one of the best part that i liked about this platform.....