I make felt creatures out of wool: here are my creations!

5 months ago

Here is a video of the various creations I have made recently. This weekend there is a wool festival in our town. I have a stand there, so I hope to sell all of them! I'll let you know how I get on!

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Explanations please @felt.buzz, what is the process? I don't see any knitting, how do you 'felt' wool?
I can see that needle and thread and/or glue are used.


There is a needle, but no thread, and no glue. The needle is a special needle (invented in the 80's I think - before that the only way you could felt wool was using the wet felt method that involves soap and water, and rubbing the fibres together until they felt) that has barbs on three sides of it. It is very fine (and causes quite a lot of injuries to fingers if you are not careful!) Basically you get wool and you stab it continously. The barbs on the needle rub the fibres together until they felt and forms a structure. If you want different colours added to it, you just felt that on (no glue). Here is a video I made a few years ago (when I was on Tsu) showing me make something:

I use a multi needle tool too (which has 6 needles in it) which speeds things up a bit when making bigger pieces.

I only use thread for brooches or keyrings to sew the metal things to the felt creations.


You know, now that I see this video, I think I remember seeing it
In Tsu... thanks for the info.

They really look great! Hard to see how big they are