Have you ever seen one of these?

8 months ago

From time to time they fly overhead, have you ever wondered what they are and what they are doing?

If you live in a mineral rich area its more likely to see an airborne geophysics airplane.

IMG Source

or even a helicopter dragging this weird contraption around.

IMG Source

They are filled with very precise instruments and are busy taking detailed measurements in the changes in gravity strength and other metrics below them.

This enables them to produce the following types of maps of the surveyed area.

IMG Source

This helps pinpoint minerals and other ore bodies quickly because it highlights the differences in gravity profile and hence densities and probable makeup of rocks.

The great thing about it is it can detect ore bodies and mineralizations even under many feet of soil and vegetation.


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We are getting so old and really thought we knew a lot but this is very interesting we can not keep up with technology.

Interesting... I wonder if they could use those to detect the ancient walls and settlements in the Americas or if they're not precise enough. Apparently, they've been able to find a lot more using certain types of satellites that can pick up on vegetation discoloration or something along those lines.

I get amazed at how these propeller heads are able to come up with such cool tlabd affective things.
Wonder how they do it from the distance and speed they travel at....sound? Light emitting?


Magnetism mostly

Very interesting. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know.