WeLog 97: Homemade Lemon & Black Currant Tea

10 months ago

For the last few months, I have been purchasing our coffee online through a bulk store located in my state and last month before I placed my order, I decided to check out their tea flavors. See, I've kicked the soda pop habit but I am getting a little tired of plain ol' lemon water, lemonade... so I thought I'd see if I could find some more flavors that appealed to me.


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Last year I started to make ginger bug because I thought I needed that fizz of carbonation that goes along with drinking soda, but I kept forgetting to buy organic ginger when I would go to the grocery store.

I was hoping getting these flavored teas would satisfy my need for something other than plain old water.

Much to my surprise, and tantalized taste buds, my first tea concoction of lemon ad black currant tea was exactly what I was seeking.

So How Did I Make it?

  • 2 tea bags of each flavor simmered in a pot of water (two quarts) on the stove top
  • Strained then put into a half-gallon mason jar
  • Added in one teaspoon of Agave sweetener

I let it chill for a few hours and then enjoyed.

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