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11 months ago


South Africa is a country which has suffered the ravages of political nearsightedness, corruption and a lack of governance expertise during the transition from White Minority Rule to Black Majority Rule.

Ageing power plants, burgeoning population and massive migration from rural to metropolitan environments has put tremendous pressure on the corruption plagued government and national power provider which has resulted in a very bleak outlook, dependent on dirty power for the future.

If South Africa fails to make good choices now, at a time when political change facilitates it, it is looking at extremely expensive power, especially in terms of environmental impact.

GREENPEACE has launched a campaign to persuade the new leadership to embrace renewable energy options and abandon the 'new' nuclear program, with its dubious history, ridiculous costs and dirty character.


The other major thrust is to motivate a turn away from its reliance on coal power and its nasty implications for the future. This is the most critical aspect as the cost of continued coal dependence and the building of a range of new coal power generators includes a stupendous climate change implication.


This link provides detailed information on the nature of these issues.

This link is also an invitation to play a roll in this extremely important effort.

I urge you to participate and expand the effort through your own efforts to spread this message. Click here to make a difference and protect the "cradle of mankind".


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