Anti-Vacc News and info Suppression by Instagram - NO Freedom of Speech ?

9 months ago

The BBC reported on 10 May 2019 that Instagram will begin blocking all hashtags which are or are found to be spreading what they claim are provably false claims and information about the ill-effects of vaccines.

Many hashtags are already being blocked and will not be productive in Instagram related searches, but less obvious hashtags will now be blocked.


Since those who propagate these claims are not blocked, but only the posts themselves, new hashtags, even seemingly pro-vaccine hashtags are being used to circumvent current blocks.

I guess the real question is, where is this proof that the claims are all false and how can we verify it?

The claims relate to vaccines producing autism and other serious medical conditions which have been observed over time to have correlated with vaccine application, which has led to investigations and claims that vaccines are and have been used for decades to negatively influence the health of humanity for various reasons.

With verifiable facts about the objectives of organizations to cull most of humanity, appearing on The Georgia Stones, and age old claims about the origin of aids being admitted to by the expert who formulated the hepatitis vaccine, the origin of Bird Flue and various other pandemic potential conditions, is it any wonder that the citizens of Earth are concerned about being forced to receive vaccines.

virus-1812092_1920 (1).jpg

Now that the negative press, and that is what Instagram and other social media amount to, new millennium press, is having an impact on the views of the population, the social media is itself suppressing the freedom of speech, whether they are forced to by more powerful entities or not

Since the man in the street has no means of verifying the authenticity of the claims of the benevolence of the powers which control our health services and information by which we are "educated" we are helpless to defend ourselves or even verify any such threat.

It should be clear to any thinking individual that the governments of the world have, through the ages, not held the sanctity of life or principles or beliefs or desires or the well-being of the people at heart but rather serve the profit motive of those who control production and distribution and marketing and media and movement and privileges and the laws and minds of the people.

Hierarchies are the primary structure which underpins humanity's governance and hierarchies tend to corruption. This is not a supposition but a proven fact, not only observable in human relations but in all species through the historical evidence left in the story of this world as discovered by the various disciplines in their congruous work in deciphering the history of life on our planet through evidence left in its wake. ( Gleaned from lectures by Professor Jordan Peterson)

There is absolutely no reason to trust any authority on these matters and every reason to find a means of ensuring that we are not being fleeced into accepting diabolical programs designed to murder, control or limit the potential of humanity to care for itself.


Primary Source : BBC article

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It won't stop with Instagram, FB, Twitter, Google and the rest will follow suit. This while the vaccines become more and more toxic... they have DNA based vaccines now that alter your DNA to "improve" your immune system (which was damaged by vaccines in the first place). Even the Salk Polio vaccine was toxic- it contained SV-40 (Simian Virus-40) a carcinogen.

Its becoming terribly difficult to rely on anything from the MSM and governments worldwide now.
I believe vaccines are important (some and specific ones), but I FEEL it is changing to where they are being used to do exactly as youve outlined below....and its scary as hell, since good people I know are really pro vaccines regardless of what and how many they are