Are Flies brighter than us relative to brain capacity ?

11 months ago

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The fly is a relatively tiny creature which, on the face of it or without some serious reflection, may seem fairly simple and uninteresting by comparison to humans and other vertebrates.

Scientific study of the Fly however, reveals phenomenal capability jammed into a tiny body with a really tine brain.

The aeronautics a fly engages in in the smallest fraction of a second is truly astounding and its sensory systems are of equivalent majesty.

A truly wonderful creation, certainly worth review.

Fly eyes are more sophisticated and faster than any other visual system developed by any species.

Its wings have a variety of sensors on them which include the measurement of the deformation of the wing during movement and taste sensors.

It also has a gyroscopic appendage which oscillates more than 200 times per second.

It has wind direction and smell sensing antenna.

But the 100 thousand neuron brain is the most exciting feature as its processing rate needs be extremely high considering the fly's decisions per second during flight, battle, evasion etc and the tiny number of neurons it has available by comparison.

The fly brain has been the object of some very interesting scientific research and in the video below you may learn the amazing advances in neuroscientific methods achieved with members of the fly family.

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Even annoying insects can be quite amazing when you take a closer look at them.