I am Graviton

11 months ago


I am Graviton

Does that mean I'm a super hero? Well maybe, in a way.

I'm a subatomic particle. Or at least a hypothetical elementary subatomic particle.

That means, strangely enough, that my substructure is not a matter of record. No one knows what I'm made of.

It also means I'm a fundamental particle who keeps company in my classification with fermions which are quarks, leptons, antiquarks, and antileptons, which are all matter and antimatter. There's also a new kid or two in the Guage and Higgs bosons,which are force particles.


My primary purpose is thought to be the mediation of gravitational force. A rather onerous responsibility, wouldn't you say.

Gravity is like the force of creation, organising material substance. Gravity supposedly seeks to congregate all matter into one.

When the most elementary substance settled somewhat after the Big Bang, if we were to embrace so outrageous a theory, gravity caused matter to coalesce and as the coalesced material multiplied in mass, so the pressure built until new atomic structures resulted from the forced rearrangement of subatomic particles into new atomic equilibriums which were then new elements.


This creation took place at the center of stars, which are super dense collections of matter which gravity has gathered, producing enough pressure for nuclear fusion to occur.

Gravity therefore, is the force responsible for every celestial body, including Earth and every other planet fur for habitation.

So I am the superhero of all superheroes, for without me there would be nothing but hydrogen. Actually, there not even hydrogen, but you get the point.

All this is of course from the limited perspective of humanity, who are but babes in the wood, in my opinion.

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There you go Meneer......irganise a Cape for yourself and go create some more worlds :)
Although I don't see your name on that chart....perhaps the decolonized science geeks were able to throw in their influence over such nonsense as gravity

Honestly I think that you are pretty well put together 😊