The dirty secret of capitalism -- and a new way forward

2 months ago

Truths which will continue to impoverish the vast majority of mankind unless enough of us take heed of them and act to reinvent the future through bringing our policies in line with principles which will prosper all humanity.

We are as yet an embryonic civilization in terms of our appreciation of empowering principles, the controls which free us and the emotions which serve us.

We have on the whole, been subject to the purgatory which ensues as mankind ignores the beatitudes and follows the dictates of a self-centered worldview we are so consistently warned against.

Here we hear from the mouth of a "king of the hill", that his prosperity and that of the rest of the top 0.01% of the rich and all the rich, in essence, are attributable to the erroneous economics of the past and present, and the only way to achieve a peaceful and prosperous coexistence is to abandon our current economic mechanisms and follow the principles of righteous living. That is, caring more for each other than ourselves. As the Lord said, we should learn wisdom from the ants.

Only through serving the whole, which is achieved by serving each other, are we able to serve ourselves. Anything else is self defeating.

Sources : Implicit - Nick Hanauer, and personal opinion.

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