ULOG: The Hardships of Life

6 months ago

as a 21 years old and the only son of my parents comes a responsibility and troubles as well and we need to handle it in a peaceful way i have lived my life in a wonderful way but now its getting hard as everything got down on me and after all i need to earn more for my parents .

i have been studying in bachelor's in computer science and have passed 4 semesters not with good grade but still have passed all ... i need your help alot to become successful person .

i had a bad month when i lost about 700$ when my friend cheated with me and stolen my money :(

i have been working on steemit for about 2 years and successfully build a great reputation among many people .. i have seen hard days as well as good days when steem dollar reached about 10$ what a great days they were and really wish to have smt to that rate too and moree :)

As a ulogger i must say smt token will rock as i have heard its rate is like 0.1 steem right now and thats probably the highest of many tokens right now .

I support 💯 percent to my friend Terry Ajayi @surpassinggoogle as he initiated a very impressive token of love 😍 ❤️
and i wish to be a successful and verified ulogger :)

yours hassanabid :)


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Thanku so much for votes everyone :)