Notm - The first hybrid news platform with geolocation in the world

2 years ago

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On this occasion I will discuss about from several companies in the world. I am very interested in joining this company, so do you. let's join this very promising company!

Notm platform will, directly or indirectly, be functioning in advertisement, digital currency and mass media spheres after launching. A plan, created be us, is made for positive changes integration in every of these spheres.

Notm Ecosystem is a full closed system, including cooperation with all the members of the community. The base is the Notm platform, where all the users can publish, edit and confirm/cancel the news materials. Wherein it’s necessary to follow one condition, exactly to be at the place where the even happened. News materials will be ranked from the most popular and get out to bigger geolocation zones or stay where published.

Example: if news N was published in the district O, of city T, of country M, and if exceeding the rank factors at the city T, then the news is displayed in the materials of the country M. If exceeding nominal country factors, the news is displayed on the worldwide location and the language stays the same it was published in.
The Notm platform will have dual geolocation definition protection.

The potentials of blockchain are quite enormous and all industries that deal with transactions, of any kind, can be truly disrupted by the technology. The reason for this is not far-fetched: blockchain offers relatively compelling advantages over other existing technologies in terms of security, transparency, and trust. As a result, more people are embracing the technology and more blockchain platforms spring up everyday offering one business solution or the other.

One of such trendy blockchain projects is my object of focus in this article.
Notm Exchange will be offering cryptocurrency and fiat loans for stock exchange trade with the leverage.
The structure of the project will permit the Advertisers to buy Notm tokens and use them for ads publishing on the NOTM platform. Notm has actually gained momentum and will be effective functioning in advertisement, digital currency and mass media spheres after launching. A plan, created be us, is made for positive changes integration in every of these spheres.

The Notm Project has built a platform with honest news and a high level of protection.
Automatic income calculation
Geolocation Check (GPS and LBS)
News is protected by consensus
Effective advertising recommendations.
The early adopters of this will be able to choose the geolocation zone on the NOTM platform, they are interested to get the news from. Advertisement recommendations will also be selected according to the geolocation. It’s necessary, because so the recommendations will have a useful efficiency for the users and advertisers.

The project's app can be gotten in : App Store, Play Store

Once you’ve entered our ecosystem, you can mange every thing. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can use the Notm Platform and Notm exchange

With a smartphone and internet connected, you get access to all the functions of the Notm ecosystem. Your account in Notm exchange will be synchronized with your bank account, so that you can pay for goods and services with a Notm payment card with instant conversion.


ICO Notm token will be released on the basis of Ethereum. Owing to this we are getting all the necessary infrastructure, which is already available for the Ethereum network.
Start: feb 18, 2019 (10:00AM CET)
Number of tokens for sale: 10,620,000,000 NOTM (59%)
End: Dec 27, 2019 (11:59PM CET)
Tokens exchange rate: 0,005 USD = 1 NOTM
Acceptable currencies: ETH
Minimal transaction amount: 5,000 USD (Closed sale).

The direction of the project via the roadmap
January 2019 - Start Closed Sales
February 2019 - Preliminary token sale (the 1st stage)
March 2019 - Listing on Exchange
April 2019 - Preliminary token sale (the 2nd stage)
May 2019 - The NOTM conference
June 2019 - The main token sale
December 2019 - Start of the NOTM marketing stage
January 2020 - The NOTM mobile apps presentation
February 2020 - The NOTM platform presentation
June 2020 - Exchange service launch
August 2020 - Financial and credit organization purchase



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