Meatballs are My Favorite Food

2 months ago

One of Indonesian cuisine that has millions of fans is meatballs. Food in the form of meat spheres doused with savory sauce has a lot of variety. Starting from beef meatballs, chicken meatballs, fish meatballs, and many more.

To produce beef meatballs that are chewy and delicious, use fresh, high-quality beef. Don't use beef that has been frozen in the previous freezer. Frozen meat like this the texture is not the same as fresh meat and will affect the taste and texture of beef meatballs made later.

In Indonesia, there are many kinds of meatballs. Some are made from beef, chicken, fish, and much more. Even now meatballs are no longer just meat balls but can be filled with various kinds. Quail eggs, chicken eggs, chili, chili sauce, sausages, and cheese can be filled. Not only the contents, even the way of serving meatballs is diverse, some use gravy as usual, some are burned, some are mixed with chili sauce.

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