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Weku - for those of you still active on Steemit or those of you that know people that are, we need your support on this POLL PLEASE - and we need it FAST!!!!... We have managed to keep our spot in the top 3, but that doesn't get us the delegation which @theycallmedan (on steemit) has up for grabs. We are a VERY small community, in fact possibly one of THE smallest on Steemit... yet not only did we win the nomination round of this, but we have remained in the top 3 for days now against some other REALLY well established communities. We are only 95 members and we have managed to pull this off against some REALLY DAUNTING competitors... but their numbers have the better of us so now we are reaching out!!! I gave my community a message earlier tonight and I really DO believe that we can pull this off but I am here to ask for your help in WHATEVER way you can give it - be it a poll vote, a post resteem, speaking to people you know - whatever! It ALL adds up!!!


I published a post yesterday (which is still trending) to make the same appeal and I am adding the link HERE, so that you can read some of the comments and SEE that we truly DO deserve this win!

Many of you are MORE than familiar with the community which I have spent building alongside my right hand man @zord189 and all our BRILLIANT members for the last year + - the @steemitbloggers. Yes, we have recently undergone a brand identity change to the #powerhousecreatives but we are still the same awesome community that MANY on Steemit have come to love and appreciate!

For those less familiar, we are an internationally driven discord community focused on embracing and supporting the truly dedicated and enthusiastic content creators not only on the Steemit platform - but EVERYWHERE since our recent server move on discord and complete re-branding to the now: POWER HOUSE CREATIVES. We have WELL EARNED the reputation which we now fly high - as everyone who knows us, is familiar with the fact that when you browse our @steemitbloggers feed, you are guaranteed a quality exploratory experience. That being said - we could REALLY benefit from this delegation. All of our community earnings thus far have been gathered by our members and some outside support over the months in terms of upvotes or delegations and whilst we have done really well in growing this - as the founder of this amazing community I really feel that our members could and WOULD be able to offer so much MORE "all round" with this delegation boost. 99% of our members are VERY actively involved in plenty of other key communities and their increased earnings would obviously follow through to these places and spaces in terms of upvotes and general support to the members of this platform that really deserve it.

Winning this poll would be an absolute GAME CHANGER for the members of our amazing family who, are ALL MAJOR contributors to the all-round well being of Steem as a whole! This group of people are some of the most amazing individuals I have EVER had the privilege of knowing and they ALL give of themselves SELFLESSLY to EVERYONE on Steemit, EVERY SINGLE DAY! They DESERVE this WIN!

If you have already voted, perhaps you will consider supporting us in some other way. We didn't win the nominations round of this competition because we are a "nonsense community" - no - we won it, because each and every one of us WORKED for it!

If you decide that you WOULD in fact like to support us, then you can do so by following the below instruction:

How to vote?

1 Click the below link.
2 Login to steemconnect
3 Select 'steemitbloggers'
4 And youre done!!


And last but DEFINITELY not least, a HUUUUGE thank you to those of you that have supported us this far! If you are willing and able, PLEASE could you resteem this post for MAX impact! - THANK YOU, a THOUSAND TIMES!!!

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I voted yesterday .. :)

I've stared this to my blog, hope it helps

I voted yesterday!

I rewekued. Best of luck!

I rewekued and voted and all that jazz!

Done and done. 😊