I invite you to join the ¨ Black and White Photography Challenge (special Human-people- selfie XVII) Organized by our dear friend ¨ @ dwightjaden¨ Exclusive Material

8 months ago

Source: Family Album

This is my participation in the ¨ Black and White Photography Challenge ¨ Special Human-people - selfie¨ Organized by our dear friend @dwightjaden. The idea of ​​the challenge is to share during the week, different black and white images related to the topic.

Source: family album

Hello dear friends. I hope you are having a beautiful day, this area of ​​the world is raining, and the worst is that it is predicted rain all day. Our granddaughter loves games, no matter if it is in the mall or on the slide of the square, while it is a game and the family is there, she has a lot of fun. I hope that the images of today have been to your liking

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The photographs were taken in the city of ¨Corrientes - Argentina¨ with different mobile devices

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis



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