Earning Passive income with Hashingads (AIRDROP)

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Hello friends today I come talk about a new airdrop that is giving much to talk about twitter and in other social media I talk about hashingads.

What is hashingads?

It is an airdrop that rewards you for seeing ad also gives you the option to invest where you can generate passive income if you so desire is a platform that has several investment options and so we can take advantage of this new airdrop.

This platform has its own currency called BNEX which is based on ethereum technology and can be exchanged in the exchange WAVES after November 30th when the big distribution begins.

Paid ad

If you are one of the users who does not have the resources to invest you can generate income seeing the ads paid generating an average of 0.6 to 0.4 centado of dollar daily it should be noted that the minimum withdraw is 2 dollars in BNEX currency.


If you have the resource to invest and generate more income I recommend you to buy a membership that costs from $20 to $50. what benefit bring the memberships.?

  • Membership of $20: This membership returns $1.01 per day in paid ads for 30 days generating $30.3 per month.

  • Membership of $40: This membership returns $2.01 per day in paid ads for 30 days generating $60.3 per month.

  • Membership of $50: This membership returns $5.51 per day in paid ads for 30 days generating $165.3 per month also gives you the opportunity to publish your website for 30 days on the platform.

This new airdrop also has long and short term investment plans but has not I explored those options to give more detail when invest I will be updating the benefits that bring both long and short term investment.

FAQ de hashingads

🤷‍♀ I joined Airdrop & entered Waves wallet How do I receive coin?
☀️ Airdrop will be distributed on Hashing Ads (http://hashingads.com/) and you can easily withdraw to ETH wallet.

🤷‍♀ I Bought During Private Sale/ Received Via twitter Airdrop on my wave wallet how do I swap?

☀️ Simply Deposit your Coins on Hashingads (http://hashingads.com/) and withdraw to your wallet selecting ETH once ETH withdrawal is enabled.

🤷‍♀ Can I Buy more Coins?

☀️ Yes simply use the instant deposit option on the website (http://hashingads.com/) & fund your account you can always withdraw BNEX into your ETH wallet once enabled.

❗️NOTE: Distribution to ETH wallet haven't commenced. All earning on the website will be sent to waves wallet if you process withdrawal.

✅ You can easily Buy more Coins using the Deposit Option on our platform. Thanks.

For Your Kyc To Be Accepted.

❌ Don't use online statement/bills
✅ Must click edit your profile & update all entries. (Occupation, phone number etc)
✅ address must match that on your bank statement or utility bill

✅ invalid document = Possible Ban‼️

Claiming Reward Sheet


Social Networks Contact

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/hashingads

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/officialhashingads


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