First public photo of a future blogger

2 years ago

In the photo Sharon

Hello friends, my daughter's first public photo Sharon Denisse how impressive is that I do not know how to put the smallest photograph, maybe she wants to cover the whole page as she always wants to be the center of attention, today she dawned joyfully when normally the only thing he does is eat, sleep and dirty the diapers that cleanup job I leave it to Ruzmaira (Wife).

Today very early in the morning she woke up doing a great show where the super daddy (I) went out to calm her down because Ruzmaira was somewhat exhausted from having dawned giving with Sharon at night, sometimes I do not understand where she is going the mother's milk to the babies since they are always hungry, if it continues so I will have to buy a dairy cow.

Well friends I just wanted to share this photo with you I am still happy for the birth of my daughter, in some days I will be in new action, greetings.

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Congratulations on the birth of Sharon Denisse. Your days as a father must be nice.


100% nice to be dad, madness is in the early morning the baby looks like dracula's daughter sleeps all day and is awake all night.