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Hello friend in the last 3 years the emigration in Venezuela has increased, many Venezuelans leave the country in search of a better life some run with the luck of getting fast work abroad as others who do not have the same fate leave Venezuela is How to play Russian roulette you don't know what will happen.

Recently my economic situation was half stable, my family and I had a need like all Venezuelans, with what I generated on the internet it was enough for me to bring 2 plates of food daily to the table, in the last 2 weeks everything has increased in price. It is due to the increase of the parallel dollar that means that the money is enough to buy less food commodity.

I remember 20 years ago I complained because I ate chicken and meat every day, Coca Cola bored it because at that time if we didn't have soda, nobody would sit at the table to eat a coke. It was mandatory, let's go back to the present. At this moment, eating some meat is a luxury and if you buy meat you don't buy chicken or another product, this is to drive you crazy. We have to go shopping with a calculator to try to save or stretch money as much as possible.

A few days ago my wife and I went to my mother-in-law's house visiting when we arrived we were surprised to see the mother-in-law in poor health she had lost about 30 kilos in 2 weeks because she had no economic resources to buy food, she lasted up to 2 or 3 days without eating anything my wife to see her mother so immediately began to cry. We both decided to take her to our house, out of respect for my mother-in-law I will not show you current pictures of her as she does not want me to take pictures of her in that state.

Why do I want to emigrate?

The situation is getting worse every day and my situation got worse when my bank account was blocked because I sold $ 100 in ethereum which is around 900,000 bs. I had to go to the bank to see why they blocked my account. Their answer was simple. Buyer who transferred the money, he put in the comment "Exchange of cryptocurrencies for bolivares" according to the bank manager alleges that the purchase and sale of currencies is prohibited by the merchant bank, OOO I find out about it now I have to wait a long process to I unlock my bank account.

Already in Venezuela can not live recently my wife and I ate lunch and dinner had eliminated breakfast to save money but currently eliminate the dinner because I can not afford to eat twice a day, we are giving more priority to my daughter Sharon we are more attentive to their food and diapers.

I think getting out of Venezuela is our best option because working here is to sink deeper into poverty, I am studying the possibility of emigrating to Colombia or Peru that is a decision that I will continue talking to my wife.

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I have a friend who is leaving Venezuela for Uraguay.
The situation in Venezuela is not gonna improve in the near term.
I wish you the best my friend, and I'm sorry you are going thru this situation.


If Venezuela is going through the worst time in history and extreme poverty increases every day, I will soon enter the select lot of poverty before being on the street eating from the garbage as some Venezuelans are, I prefer to leave the country.
I don't want my family to go through that situation.