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Black baby lives matter. 50 million black babies are killed annually. Black cops are killed. Many black people are killed in Chicago by other black people.

Covid Hoax

Many Americans hate contact tracing and are refusing to download those apps onto their phones. However, at the same time, Apple and others utilizes contact tracing software and other things inside phones, devices, computers, laptops, appliances, cars, smart devices, etc.

Fighting Assumptions

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Oatmeal Daily - 2020-06-17 - Wednesday
Published in June of 2020

Black Babies Matter Screenshot at 2020-06-17 20:35:09.png

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Fuller House

2020-06-17 - Wednesday - 12:20 AM - 12:48 AM - Fuller House 516

Invited to the kitchen. Newlywed game. DJ tries to win. Fernando wants to win and asks Steve to lose. DJ gets mad. Steve apologizes using banners. Love shack.

2020-06-17 - Wednesday - 12:50 AM - 01:22 AM - Fuller House 517

Donuts. Pie. bad news. People moving. How long are you keeping Michelle's bike? If she hasn't come for it yet, she aint coming says Kimmy. Bee outfit. Alien Max. ET. Fencing. Flu. Sick. Ramona takes over for Jackson. Stephanie is wearing part of her mom's wedding dress for her own wedding. Guilty feet. Sisters. Kill it. Break a leg. Faked being sick. Steve doing good at axe throwing. Stephanie couldn't remember mom until DJ brought her to a diner and then she saw a girl who reminded Steph of herself as a kid or it was a ghost and she started remembering. And then the girl put a quarter in the juxebox and it went to their mom's favorite song, butter cup. They all sang together, all of them came, the ladies, men, the kids, the friends.

2020-06-17 - Wednesday - 01:24 AM - 02:00 AM - Fuller House 518

I'm not superstitious, I'm only slightly stitious. I'm going back to my roots to fix your roots, your hair. CW drama. Running into exes. Bad luck when seeing bridegrooms on the wedding day. Joey McIntire is the minister at the wedding. Second chances, Kimmy. A daughter more beautiful than me says Fernando regarding Ramona. Whatever boy is there. The door is always open.

The Fakening

02:08 AM - Donald Trump on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


2020-06-17 - Wednesday - 03:06 AM - 03:55 AM - Vikings 608

Ironside confronts the son that killed his mother. He is going to burn his brother as he wants his brother to feel what he feels. But in life, other people may not feel what you feel no matter how hard you try, even if you burn them alive, even if you burn them to death, it may not work and you are unique meaning others may not feel what you feel either way. Use it for good. He frees his brother and bans him from the city. The people cheer for Ironside. Iva doesn't know what tea is. Looking for Floki.

Red Guy

11:16 AM - Alex Jones Show - First Hour - Wednesday June 17, 2020

Hillary Clinton's 2016 running-mate, Tim Kaine, said America invented slavery like in the 1700's or 1800's and yet slavery has been around for thousands of years globally.

Don't Google Me

11:30 AM - Facebook

Ohhhh, Yahoo, that is pretty old-school. I generally use Duck Duck Go.

Hate Crime

Jay Z and others made music that would inspire black kids to not be men. Wearing pants below the belt is a thing they would do in prison to say to other men that they wanted gay sex, open for business. So, for decades, they broadcast certain types of music and lyrics designed to brainwash people towards violence and everything. They turn the African Americans into a joke by tricking them into bad decisions. I just saw a video of a black guy beating up a white man at a mall or shopping market store. The black guy is a victim but is guilty of beating the guy up and the guy should have known some self-defense or should have ran away or something.

Baby Lives Matter

Covid Hoax

Many Americans hate contact tracing and are refusing to download those apps onto their phones. However, at the same time, Apple and others utilizes contact tracing software and other things inside phones, devices, computers, laptops, appliances, cars, smart devices, etc.

NFL 1992

On the back of a drawing of mine from 1992, I found this list of names including Don Arnold for this NFL pot, ten bucks per person, I'm guessing a gambling thing: do you recognize any of the other names on this list? I didn't draw that well until like 1993 it looks like, generally speaking.


One of the reasons I look at these things is because I study psychology and why study the life of strangers you don't really know without forming a foundation beforehand is a critical question.

My Senior Will

02:50 PM - Facebook

Good Bye High School. This was my senior will or possibly a rough draft version of it or an alternative version that I printed out.

Police in Vietnam

03:01 PM - Facebook

Yes. No. Depends. Maybe. Kind of normal for some of the robbers out there. So, the cops have to wear normal clothes like secret police and have to go really fast to catch them. The real Vietnamese police with guns tend to be under cover like this. The police that dress up in green, yellow, or black uniforms are all over the place but many of them appear to only have sticks or sometimes tasers and no guns, generally speaking. So, they are like tax collectors. Of course, they do try to arrest people too if they have to. But they can only do so much without guns. Real police have never confronted me in Vietnam, only the green cops did. But the green ones don't really count when compared to the secret police who are possibly licensed to kill like James Bond. I ran into the equivalent of like a mall cop.

Ask Jeeves

03:10 PM - Facebook

How about Ask Joe, oh Jeez. Well, actually, Ask Jeeves is powered by the Google Search Engine and you can see that when you look at the URL after pressing enter at their website, the URL will show that you are on a Google site. I just tested Jeeves and it looks ok as it is basically a customized or refined version of Google or I mean it utilizes Google software and then redirects to a Google website as you search.

Floppy 3.5" Drive

[04:20 PM - Amazon. I'm looking at the anyilon 1.44 MB Floppy Disk 3.5" USB External Drive Portable Floppy Disk Drive Diskette FDD for Laptop Desktop PC

Sneaker Net

Have you heard of the Sneaker Net? Before the 1990's, before many people had the Internet, they would transfer data from computer to computer not via USB thumb drives but via squared floppy disks the size of post cards. Informally, it was refer to as the Sneakernet.

Vietnam Secret Police

07:13 PM - Facebook

As seen in the video, they look like the Jason Bourne and James Bond type. You may notice a gun in the front pocket. You may notice handcuffs in the back pocket. Some of them wear sunglasses. These types of people pretend to blend in but are paying attention to everything around them while pretending they aren't, meaning their eyes are always scanning, looking around, side to side, eyeballs rolling back and forth like radar. They kind of act like the secret service. For the most part, you may not know who they are until they are arresting people. So, in many ways, the undercover police in Vietnam probably act like how the FBI act as seen in Criminal Minds, Law & Order - Special Victims Unit, and Criminal Scene Investigation (CSI).

Jorge Peralta, Yes, in Vietnam, undercover cops have guns. Now, some of the cops in black are private security and some of them are the higher level police, that is higher than the green and yellow level cops. So, the black uniformed cops generally deal with the more serious situations and I don't know if they're always carrying guns or not. There may be other uniforms as well, like white uniforms possibly or multiple colored outfits for the ones driving in actual police cars, not to be confused with the little trucks and other such vehicles which the green and yellow police drive in. Most of the cops you see in Vietnam are local police. When I say local, I am referring to individual cities or more specifically districts (Quận) and within them, to be even more local, the Ward (Phường) police. Based mostly on my observation, most of the time, we only see the local police. And it seems that the local police are not equipped to handle big bad guys any more than the handicapped European cops can, generally speaking. It seems that many people don't have guns in Vietnam which kind of means that the local cops can kind of handle the normal criminals. The only problem is when you run into a Master Zedd every once in a while, then you'll have something to be said.

Well, I think they have guns. I thought I saw that some or all of them do. It appears that there are different levels of the police in Vietnam but I don't know how many yet. Also, Vietnam has military and I don't know if there is overlap between military and police. I could do report to get to the bottom of this mystery. It's a puzzle but for the most part, regardless, it looks like many Vietnamese cops do not have guns.

What color do police wear?

General Shepherd

08:02 PM - ALEX JONES (Full Show) Wednesday - 6/17/20

Black Babies Matter

Black baby lives matter. 50 million black babies are killed annually. Black cops are killed. Many black people are killed in Chicago by other black people.

Oatmeal Groups

08:16 PM - Facebook

If you want to be an admin of my other groups, please leave me a comment or a post in this group. I have dozens of groups and pages. Look in the Announcements to see a list of some of my groups. You should join them and do whatever you want with them. I double-dog dare you to look at some of my groups and pages or to make your own. Just let me know.

If you post something, I can make you an admin.

Can you add me?

08:26 PM - Facebook

Hello friend, how are you? Add me. Be my friend. Please add Joey Arnold as your friend. His name is Oatmeal JoeyArnoldVN. Add me. Please send me a friend request. Find me on other websites as well. Thank you.


America changed its name to call capital letters from the united states of America to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in 1871 and gradually as well. But specific things happened in 1871.

Chinese Collusion

Twitter is saying Trump is colluding with China to win the election in 2020. In reality, Hillary Clinton an dothers colluded with China and others to win in 2016. Hillary failed but was getting help.

General Shepherd

08:48 PM - WAR ROOM (Full Show) Wednesday - 6/17/20

Angeline JoMoore

09:57 PM - Facebook

If Angelina Jolie and Mandy Moore had a baby, it would be Audrianna Scherer.

Finding Oatmeal Beauty

10:07 PM - Facebook

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. On top of that, you might be average in some ways and really extraordinary and extremely unique in other ways, literally, figuratively, completely, partially, potentially, metaphorically. There are so many different ways to judge physical beauty. Some people may say you're a 5/10. That may or may not be true. On one hand, there is always room for improvement. But on the other hand, you may already be beautiful for your body type. You should try to look as good as you can for and with whatever body type you have.

Too often, people try too hard to look like other people. I encourage you to look at whichever features you love about yourself. What are your best features? Let me know in the comments below. And more importantly, focus on whatever those things are and cultivate those things. Learn to love yourself and as you do that, you can better take care of yourself as you treasure yourself as a beautiful creature made out of original oatmeal, yum yum.

Beauty comes from the inside-out. It radiates out.

Christmas Turtle

11:11 PM - Hive Post

1991-12-25 - Christmas of 1991 - Joey, Crystal, Katie, Presents, Piano, Toys, 3pics-1.png
I'm holding Leonardo, the blue Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Treasure moments that stand out.

Paste them onto the walls of your heart. Pull them out like you would a level or a tape measure. I got this turtle for Christmas of 1991. I was six years old. That year, I was learning the alphabet.

Here are some family photos.

Real Stories

11:27 PM - New Cannibalism? The Real Story Behind Blood Donations (Big Business Documentary) | Real Stories

Vietnam Visa Problem

I was living in Vietnam from 2012-2017. I ran into problems while living in Vietnam. The biggest obstacle I encountered in Vietnam probably happens to some people and I was probably not personally attacked or targeted until proven otherwise like in a court of law, it seems that my visa problem was formed mainly and fundamentally by negligence, apathy, ignorance, arrogance, laziness, etc, and also possibly accidental, partly, that is to an extent on behalf of the travel agencies, etc.

It was my fault I got the wrong kind of visa. But it was also their fault they didn't tell me that it was the wrong visa, assuming it was a wrong visa. And it was the other travel agency's fault for extending that wrong visa two times before being unable to extent that wrong visa a third time. So, you could spread the blame 50/50 or 25/75 to me and to the travel agencies, etc.

If we abolish cops, then we get UN cops.

I live near Chaz Chop Seattle.

I think about visiting that third world country.

Seattle donated portal potties to Chaz Land. And yes, Chop Island is totally independent.

Try to catch the fly.


03:55 AM - 11:10 AM - Sleep. Sunny day. Breakfast: apple. Coffee. Egg. Scanning drawings, writings, articles including one for Melissa Siciliano.
12:00 PM - Bean soup. Eggs. Still scanning. Senior will thing.
04:16 PM - oakes "USB 3.5" External Slim 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive"
06:52 PM - Commodore 1541
06:52 PM - Lettuce on hamburger? No, hamburger on lettuce, I mean meat salad. Two different machines. One for the 3.5 as seen above. Also, one for 5.25 inch floppy. Here is an example: there is an auction on Ebay for one, current bid at $1.25: https://www.ebay.com/itm/274397640457#shpCntId
The king of Vietnam did not officially ask me to leave. Perhaps his brother, the frog, did.

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