The time I stopped being me to be YOU - By Just Eli

3 months ago


Ends with her were never an option.
She and I
she and I who were a love in two bodies
two paths found in a path of bliss
We were kisses of joy,
warm hugs on cold nights
and inexhaustible companies of laughter.
Till it all turned upside down
In seconds,
at that very moment when you knocked on my door.
And with a smile on my face I decided to open you up and introduce you to my life.
That was the genesis of my misfortune.
The apocalypse of my joy
you very clever always knew,
I'm very naive. I've always ignored it.
I ignored that your friendship was an anchor that sank me to leave me in permanent drowning.
That your demands were masked with advice
That your company was a bag full of rocks on my back.
And it was all my fault.
Now I know
Because I myself decided to put on a mask to avoid seeing your reality.
A blindfold that prevented me from realizing that I was in the middle of a rope.
You at one end
Her to the other
And the more you pulled me, the greater the distance that separated me from her.
I could not see that I myself allowed your insane power to penetrate the walls of my subconscious to bring me down.
To tear it down
But one night was the pinnacle of my unhappiness.
The breaking point so that the thread from which I was hanging, was completely broken
It was only a matter of time, wasn't it?
To destroy it in my body
To wound her with my hands
Damage your heart in one night and my life in a few hours.

And it's just that the problem was always that I was late understanding who you were.
What was your real name
To know that while I opened the doors of my house boasting you as a friend
Everyone out there knew you only by one vulgar name.


That's your name, isn't it?
They told me it's not the first time you've destroyed souls.
That you have a long history in home demolition.
Another achievement!
I hope to be a nice decoration on your trophy shelf
For now
Get out of here.
Just go
You've done your job, haven't you?
Get the hell out of here
Stop looking at me like that!
Don't expect me to hide my pain in you
No more
Let me just hug my loneliness

Because my love is no longer by my side
and I deserve it.
because in one night I stopped being me to be you
and she stopped being my everything to be my nothing.

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In all my writings I always try to send a message, I try to get into the bodies of people who have lived things different from mine and not judge them, just understand them and try to transmit that through writing. For me, it is a purpose to shape lives that do not manage to express themselves correctly, that do not manage to order their ideas to transmit their feelings through writing. My mini life as a writer has been based on understanding skins different from mine, I could say that without empathy, this blog would not exist.
The case of this poem, is not different, because something of what I have learned in my life is that contrary to what many say, you can also learn from other people's mistakes, feelings different from your own. And to make them feel that is my attempt as an amateur writer.

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Amazingly powerful poem!! Bravo my friend, bravo!!


Oh, my God! Thank you very very much!. This means a lot to me that I am beginning to write. Thanks again for all the support. KISSES


Bear Hugs!! 💖

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Extremely amazing
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Muchas gracias. Ya lo corregí

I love this dear friend. nicely done. Your entry into the poetry contest has been dully and fully noted.. Stay tuned for more updates..

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