10 Facts 1 Lie - Can You Suggest The Lie?

3 months ago

source: Lydna.com

  1. I have a dog
  2. I have 4 brothers
  3. I'm a gamer
  4. I have a youtube channel with 1k+ subscribers
  5. I was in New York and Berlin
  6. I'm a website developer/programmer
  7. I had a parrot & fish
  8. I wake up every day at 7 AM
    1.I had an eating disorder and I take care of it
  9. I'm a graphic designer
  10. I have a gaming PC and its price is $ 700

Which is the lie?

I will give 20 WKD to the winner, the winner will announce in 2-4 days from now, good luck everybody

I nominate @atukh09 & @sagivmiller.

Here are the rules if you want to participate in the 10 facts 1 lie -

  • Post 10 facts and 1 lie about yourself,
  • A person can guess only once,
  • Give a prize,
  • use the hashtag #tenfactsonelie,
  • Nominate your friends.

Good luck for all of you!

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I had a parrot & fish?

I'm going to guess the lie is that you are a graphic designer. My reasoning: I know that you are are a web developer/programmer and this is different from a graphic artist. I could find no reference to being a graphic artist in any of your past posts.

You cant be a programmer and a gamer
Programmers have to little or no time


Sorry to tell you bro but everyone knows that Im a programmer and a gamer. I have time for both 😉


Wow...that means you must be really good

I wake up every day at 7 AM

I don't think I know any programmers that know what 7 am is. LIES!

amazing and informative


wtf is that shitty spam comment?