OBS Studio Tutorial (Open Broadcaster Software)

3 months ago

What Will I Learn?

How to use OBS Studio.

  • Configue OBS
  • Stream using OBS
  • Record using OBS


These requirements are recommending, you can try that without the exact minimum requirements but you can end up with errors.

  • At least 4GB RAM
  • At least 3MB Up/s (Upload speed/second) - for streaming only
  • mid+ tier GPU (to handle recording / streaming)
  • mid+ tier CPU


  • Basic-Intermediate

Tutorial Contents

OBS Install,

OBS Usage at the main screen,

OBS Settings,

How to record,

How to stream.


First Start with the installation,

go to: https://obsproject.com/

download to your own OS System

I'm using windows, so I select windows.


When you have done the installation of the software, open OBS.

Main Screen


You will see no scenes, now to start, make your scene:


Press on Plus button then enter the scene name,

you will get a black screen.

now you can add sources:


you can add audio up to window screen,

the most used are:
window screen, Video Capture Device, Game Capture and Display Capture.

window screen - you can choose any window on your computer that is not in full-screen mode.

video capture device - your camera

game capture - your game window (or any other full-screen window)

display capture - your display.

for example, I will add display capture:


call it by any name you want.

then press ok,

and you will get your display on the obs screen



it's just the same with the others.


Go to the settings button:


so first of all, go to "Advanced" and change those settings to what in the image


this will fix crashes from obs if you're recording or streaming.

Stream Tab


you can choose between streaming services and custom streaming servers,

the custom one can be good for dlive.io.

so for example, if I want to stream into twitch

I will choose "twitch" on Service

and in the Server leave it on "Auto"

Stream key, you will get it on the site, you can't stream without the stream key.

any streaming site providing a stream key so don't worry.

Output Tab

first, change output mode to "Advanced"


encoder - this is the encoder if you have GPU I recommend to use it for the encoding.

Rescale Output - don't touch if not need.

Rate Control - for streaming use CBR

Bitrate - this is the internet speed,

for example, i have 3MB Up/s, so I can use up to 2.5MB

so 2500 = 2.5MB

Keyframe Interval(seconds, 0=auto) - set to 0

CPU Usage Preset - this will show just if you using x264 as your encoder,
use veryfast (recommended)

the rest of the settings don't touch.



Type - set to standard

Recording path - recording files path

Recording format - mp4 recommended (change from flv)

audio track - choose all of the 6.

encoder - x264 for CPU, other for GPU (Nvidia = NVENC H.264)

Rescale output - don't touch if not need

Rate Control - CBR

Bitrate - it's can be different but the recommended for gameplay is around 20,000

Keyframe Interval - set to 0

the rest settings leave as default.

Audio Tab


leave all of the settings as default,

change those ones:

Desktop Audio Device - choose your headphones / any other audio device

Mic/Auxiliary Audio Device - choose your microphone.

if you don't change those it will choose the default one.

Video Tab


base(Canvas) Resolution: 1920X1080,

choose your own screen resolution.

in the FPS use 30FPS for streaming and 60FPS for video recording.

now when you've done, you can add more sources or just start record/stream!

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